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Pixma Printer App; Check, not all Canon’s are compatible?

Canon has developed the pixma printer app intended selectively for its line of printers, obviously to allow its countless users to avail of the benefits that pixma printers offer. 

This is a wireless printer app that enables users to print from the PC, from the tablet or any other mobile devices without the need to connect with cables. With wireless connectivity assured, users can directly access the printer and easily send documents and print from almost anywhere, distance is no longer a concern.

However, sad to say that not all Canon pixma printers are compatible with the printer app. Interested parties will have to check with the complete list of printers released by Canon that are designed compatible with the printer app. There is no way for a user to use the app if his/her printer is not included in the list.

For pixma printers compatible with the app, there are countless options available for the user detailed for your convenience. Each and every wireless option is paired with a brief explanation of the features that is available to be explored. It is just like opening a box full of features for each one to enjoy.

Some of the features that the app offers include photo printing with trimming even, you can print from PDF files and Microsoft office documents. It can easily print from web pages with share, scan and save documents or photos as PDF or JPEG. You can even adjust copy, settings from your mobile device.

Convenience is all for the taking, but like all printer app, users will have to go through a series of instructions to connect the Pixma printer to the local wireless network. Canon has crafted Pixma wireless connection setup guides, for each one to follow and avoid glitches.

Remember, the Canon Pixma Printer app is practically one of the best developed, but is intended only for some select models of printers. In particular, it is for wireless printers, being a wireless printer app.

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    February 1, 2020 at 12:27 pm

    Yeah, it is so strange (for me at least) that not all Canons are compatible. I mean you have to find the list for this and make sure your printer is on it or tough luck. I always hate doing this; searching for something online, not very good at it. I wish the whole process would be easier, so lazy and inexperienced people like myself could actually solve their problem faster and without having to rip out their (remaining) hair :))!

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