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Photo Station Uploader: What is it?

What is a photo station uploader?

Lets accept the fact that any device based file storage systems will never be big enough to hold personal or photo files. Sooner or later everybody will need a photo station uploader to accommodate all the mementoes of days gone by.

A photo station uploader or NAS (network attached storage) is a web service application where files are uploaded in a folder hierarchy format, arranged and indexed by a disk management software automatically. This web application is made available through the Internet and through a Service Provider, customers can direct connect and expand as a file storage option.

As a file storage option, the photo station uploader allows users access to upload photos easily. And since all incoming information are indexed and arranged, retrieving and looking for photo images is available by simply typing in the URL. Also the stored information can be shared and access is possible only through a password. This security provision is common sense because only family and close associates must be entitled to the shared information.

Browsing photos on the NAS is possible but one must go through a bunch of file directories, but the app provides easy to navigate options. The folders having been formatted in a simple pattern, is like viewing a photo wall composed of grids. The photo wall also allows users to drag and drop messages in order to move images between albums. Properties can also be adjusted, showing cover photo or even privacy levels.

Searching for photos in one’s NAS is fast but query is limited to some extent. Generally, search will result in albums and photos and can be saved as a separate file. There is also a feature timeline mode, where a few selected images are picked showing events separated by days. Engaging users can view information on specific months and browse using the ‘photo wall’ view.

A map view is also a provided feature, though a bit slow. It allows access to information taken from a Google Map. The important part is it has pinned photos based on location, meaning images can be seen matching the location inputted into the NAS. So, if one is interested to see all the images on a particular vacation spot it is possible with just a push of an icon.

There are other details that a photo station uploader provides, but the extent of its services can best be understood and appreciated by browsing the providers website for the needed information.
In the end, unlimited file storage can only be provided by a photo station uploader, there is no other option.  

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