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Photo Printing: How Cost Effective Are Laser Printers?

How Cost Effective Are Laser Printers?

When it comes to printing in color, no other printer technology can beat a color laser printer, particularly when cost is of primary consideration.

It is a proven fact that color laser printers are really cost effective compared to its competitor, the inkjet printer. The only drawback probably would be the initial cost of the device which are way beyond the budget of most regular users. The replacement consumables (toner) can also add up to the overall cost derivative, as it is also very restrictive. However, considering that a toner replacement cartridge can print thousands of pages, makes color laser printers cost effective in the long run.

Comparing with the TCO (total cost of ownership) of an inkjet printer, the cost would really be staggering. Even if the initial purchase cost of an inkjet printer is low, the cost to maintain is expensive. This is manifested by the price of replacement ink cartridges that are even dearer compared to the upfront cost of the inkjet printers. Today inkjet printers can be had for less than $50, while the complete package of replacement ink is way beyond. And as added burden to users, inkjet cartridges can only print a few hundred pages, some even less.

Aside from the disparity in TCO, color laser printers can print fast, some can go at more than a hundred pages per minute (PPM). This is a distinct advantage, because inkjet printers can only manage a little over 10 PPM. Although, recently released inkjet printers can manage at less than 100 PPM, the cost of the device is high and even higher than a high end color laser printer. All the positive features point to laser printers as the better alternative.

Even in photo printing, color laser printers are way ahead of the nearest competitor in cost.

It is especially true if the user is not a dead ringer for quality, otherwise an inkjet printer should be used, Inkjet printers are highly regarded to deliver the most stunning printouts, simply because ink droplets are found better than toner particles in detailing a color landscape. Thus, inkjets are preferred by users who put premium on print quality rather than cost.

Remember, color laser printers are really cost effective not only in delivering regular color documents and graphics but photo printing as well.     

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