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Phone Ringer: How To Set It Up On a Multifunction Printer?

A multifunction printer like the HP Officejet pro 8610 is normally connected to a phone line to activate the fax feature. As such, a phone ringer should be set-up so users will be aware when an incoming fax message or line call is ongoing.

There are actually four distinct sounds that should be set-up, the ringer, key sound, the alarm sound and the speaker, all of which are devised to inform or warn the user if any inconsistencies happen in the operation of the multifunction printer.

  1. The ringer in a telephone is already adjustable right from the underside of the device. Once the phone is connected to the printer, the ring sound could be dulled as the printer start to operate. Thus, it becomes necessary to adjust the volume of the phone ringer to still be audible amidst the sound generated by the printer and other devices.
  2. The key sound is an important aspect of the printer and phone operation. A key tone must be heard clearly everytime a key is pressed. This should be a standard feature since connecting to the other line is nearly impossible if the series of numbers is not perfectly dialed.
  3. The alarm sound alerts the user when an error occurs or when fax transmission is completed. It regularly is an on and off sound that audibly communicate with the personnel in-charge about the status of the ongoing fax communication.
  4. The speaker is one option that can be used to transfer the phone dial tone or fax sound. Instead of the sound directly heard from the phone, the speaker can likewise be setup to broadcast the phone sound. This is particularly a must when the phone is attached to an answering machine, which will be on until the remote machine answers.

To setup the ringer sound some of the sequence include by pressing the menu until the ‘sound volume’ appears on the top display. Scroll through the options and press ‘enter’ once the desired sound is chosen. The desired sound status will be displayed and select from ‘off’, to ‘low’, ‘med’ and ‘high’ and press ‘enter’ to save the desired selection. The machine will be working normally if the ringer is turned off.

There are still other option to navigate through, adjusting the adjusting the speaker volume on hook dial, However, the user is advised to always return to the HP Officejet pro 8610 to ‘standby’ mode before proceeding with the setup of other options.

Remember, setting up the phone ringer on the HP Officejet pro 8610 is easy, just religiously follow the instruction and there is no need be techy to achieve the goal.

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