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On Printing Costs: Settings/Mode that Reduce Printing Costs

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When one prints one or two pages, the cost would be negligible, but for hundreds or even thousands the cost stings the pocket. However, printers are designed with printer configurations that reduce printing costs.

When faced with this printing predicament, don’t lose heart try to reconfigure the printer mode/settings listed hereunder:

  1. Print multiple pages on each sheet: This “word setting” is standard in all Microsoft OS (operating system). Go to the printing “dialog box” and look for the option “print multiple pages in one sheet”. Then check if the running print driver allows” “N-up” printing. This is important because it gives the user the choice to print and cram the number of pages to be printed into one sheet.
  2. Use “Shrink to fit” Print preview: This is a printer configuration setting that will modify the document format, by looking for inefficient gaps, misplaced page breaks, and too many spaces. It also eliminates the unnecessary pages regularly preceding at the end of a document.
  3. Print on both sides: This is also classified as duplex printing and is perhaps the most efficient way to print. It cuts down paper consumption by 50%. Try to check if this default setting is available in the printer, because not all are made with a duplex print setting.
  4. Print a draft copy: All word processing software has this printer setting. This is the most important printing mode because it allows to drastically save on ink and time. It is the mode relied upon when users edit documents, particularly when just checking grammar, spelling and other contents in a hard copy. Ticking the “Draft Output” mode do not include all formatting, graphics, and other features in its printing retinue. Not all printers though support this feature. Check for it in the “dialog box”, picking out “options” and look for “draft output” and lastly click “ok”.

Printer configuration is just one of the options available for users who needs to save on printing costs. The other side of the equation is also to save on replacement ink consumable cost. It can be done, if user refrain from heavily relying on OEM replacement. Instead users must try alternative third party supplies. These supplies deliver the same print quality expected from the OEM at 50% to 90% less cost to the user.

Remember, to reduce significantly the cost to print hard copies, printer configuration delivers effectively. But, it is not the only option, alternative third party ink supplies must be considered.

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