On Printer Ink Cartridges: Handling and Storing Guide

The mere mention of ink connotes unpleasant experiences as it deals with mess if not handled or stored properly. The same is true with printer cartridge handling, it must follow certain protocols to deliver clean and smudge free printing output.

Some of the do’s and don’ts in the proper handling and storage of printer ink cartridges are as follows:

  1. Store cartridges in original packaging: Always follow manufacturer’s instructions and store the cartridges in an upright position with the printhead facing up. This is to ensure that ink will not leak and smear other devices.
  2. Keep stored cartridges in not so warm spaces, as excessive heat cause air bubbles in ink and leaks as the cartridge expands.
  3. When installing the cartridge, follow package instructions but be sure to remove the sealing tape that normally covers the printhead, or it will not print at all.
  4. Once installation is complete print a test page to be sure the printer is operating smoothly. After each printing run, always turn the printer off (use the off button) to allow the cartridge to the capping position and prevents air from reaching the printhead.
  5. If possible keep the cartridge installed in the printer, taking them out for more than 30 minutes will cause ink to dry-up and clog the microscopic nozzles limiting supply to the printhead.
  6. Never shake the ink cartridge, doing so might do damage to the cartridge and cause ink to leak which could harm sensitive printer parts.
  7. When cartridges need to be taken out of the printer, observe proper procedure. Cover the printhead and never touch or wipe the sensitive copper plate or nozzle contacts. Scratches always lead the printer to malfunction and deliver print issues.

Even after putting to heart proper printer cartridge handling, ink may yet spill over. Should ink come in contact into the skin or hands, users are advised to wash it away with soap and water. If it contaminates the eyes flush the ink out immediately with water and contact an eye specialist if discomfort is felt.

Should the user decide to reuse the cartridge, wrap it with a plastic sheet and send it to an ink refilling station. Never throw an empty cartridge into the garbage bin, since plastic never rot and could end up in landfills.

The end all in printing is the stunning print output, which could not be guaranteed only with proper printer cartridge handling. Cleaning the printer at least every four to six months (depending on the print load) should also be observed since a clean printer is also the catalyst to an extraordinary printout.

Remember, proper cartridge handling and storage should be followed to always get the desired printout.

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