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My printer makes weird noises when receiving fax

Receiving Fax: Why Printers Make Weird Noises During Transmission?

Printers emitting weird fax machine noise during transmission should be expected as the device prepares to load and print the incoming message.

Fax messaging machines are actually two devices in one as the printer is an integral part. As the messages are encoded, the built-in printer plots the information physically to be visible as a hard copy. Noises made during fax transmission could come during the process of transmission or during the process of printing.

One reason behind the noise could be motivated electronically, since traditional fax messaging uses the phone line in sending or receiving datum. Take note that phone lines are traditionally analogue, as such information are transmitted as sounds. The device uses complex arrays of varying tones that represents the data it endeavors to send.

At the beginning of the process, the fax OS of the printer negotiates with the receiving device about its capability. Once the setup ID is established only then can the transmission commence. This pertains to the quality of the phone lines compatibility with the sending device, otherwise communication and transmission will not happen.

Wild screeching and tones are just normal as both the sending and receiving devices experience communication standards as it allows to connect. The noise generated is really bewildering as communication between parties are established. It is actually the devices jumping between tones, from high to low or vice versa, as datum is encoded in the jump between frequencies.

Any other noise generated by the printer could be mechanical, as parts move during printing. Always consider that printers have lots of mechanical parts that move in cadence during the printing process. When the printer has seen better days, expect that varying mechanical based lapses are bound to happen. Any misstep in the operation results in unsavory or screeching noise, totally alien to the ears.

Primarily the culprit could be the rollers which suffers wear and tear as it move paper continuously. Sound is a precursor to paper jam as the rollers fail to grasp the paper securely, stopping the process entirely. The rollers need to be maintained more often and replaced when necessary. Some other mechanical parts could also be the source of other fax machine noises. It will really help if only the well maintained printers are used for fax messaging.

Remember, fax machine noises is regular to the receiving devices, but transmission will be dependent on the health of the involved printer. When the printer fails to respond smoothly, transmission of fax messages suffers.

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