Multifunction Printers (MFP): How It Scan and Email Documents?

scanning and emailing documents

In the field of sending communications, scanning and emailing documents has largely replaced postal mail services. The shift in preference is anchored on convenience since parties need not worry about printing, postage fees and locale to post it.

All the ease and convenience in document communication has been possible through the use of the Internet. Recently developed multifunction printers (MFP) has entirely mimicked the function of the fax machine, because part of its capability is also the sending and receiving of documents. The scan function of the MFP is relied upon to deliver email messages.

The process of sending information is not difficult, since scanning and emailing documents follow regular procedures that are generally the same. Whether it is a stand alone scanner or an MFP, the attachment set-ups are again generic to these office devices. Follow the steps hereunder to send emails:

  1. Most scanners provide the option to select between a PDF and JPEG file. The PDF is the preferred choice for scanning documents that had texts or vector graphics, including points, lines, shapes and curves. While the JPEG file format is the best choice for photographs.
  2. Before starting, clean the scanner first with a soft cloth thoroughly. Then place the document over the glass surface face down. Align the document along the guide markers within the perimeter of the glass surface and shut the cover.
  3. Select the “Scan” icon in the printer menu and choose the computer to scan the document, then select the “file type” and click “start scan”.
  4. Once scanning is complete a Windows Explorer or My Documents icon will open automatically. The just completed scanned document will appear last on the list. Open and review to be sure that the document has been scanned correctly and once satisfied click the “Save” button. Rename the file to something more descriptive.
  5. To attach the document to an email, right click the file name from its current location. A pop-up menu will then appear and select “send to” and then the “mail recipient”. A new document message will appear informing the user that the document is already attached.
  6. And finally hit “Send” and the email is on its way.

Another process of scanning and emailing documents is to open the email program and compose a new message. Once the message is completed, look for the “attach file” button, navigate the location where the message has been saved and click “insert”. The message will attach ready to be sent.

Remember, scanning and emailing documents using the MFC is easy, it only takes common sense to go through the process.

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