Ink Waste Pad: Your Printer’s Automatic Excess Ink Storage

Excess Ink Storage

Inkjet printers are primarily designed to have sensors that help users know the working status of the device. Ink waste pads for instance when nearly saturated with excess ink communicates to the user through error lights before it eventually coax the printer to stop or refuse to work any further.

Inkjet printers have internal Waste Ink Pads devised to collect excess ink during the process of cleaning and printing. Once these ink pads are fully saturated and have reached the absorption limit, it shuts off the printer automatically. This is the device’ self regulating response to prevent irregularities that could show on the printouts. Stopping the printing operation at this junction, cuts waste in the use of paper as well.

Waste ink pads are actually series of efficient absorbing materials (sponge) strategically placed inside an inkjet printer. Since inkjet printing involves a lot of ink dots delivered into paper, excess ink is possible and must be contained to maintain the integrity of the printouts. However, sponges has limited capacity, once it is breached, the automatic response, is shutting off the printing operation.

Error light communicated by the printer would suggest that the user immediately replace the ink pads. However, this is just an initial response, the soggy printer sponges can still do some extensive amount of printing jobs. The condition of the sponges may not be as hopeless as suggested by the waste ink sensor and resetting can still do wonders and continue to print.

Sudden stops experienced during printing runs is no cause for alarm as most users believe. There is nothing wrong with the printer, mechanical, electronic or otherwise, resetting the automatic response device is just needed to continue printing. Calling a service technician is not even recommended because the process of resetting can be a do-it-yourself (DIY) fix process and common sense.

First download the WIC (waste ink counter) app from the printer’s website. This ink waste pad reset utility software is intended solely to allow users to reconfigure the printer’s WIC and clear it of programs that cause the shutdown. This is easy to use, and comes with detailed instructions and help from the app providers.

Remember, inkjet printers are smart devices that easily communicates with the user about its operating systems irregularities. Ink waste pad condition is part of it.

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    Barbara DuBois
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    My printer has not been printing well, and upon inspection I noticed the black ink absorber pad was saturated. Can these pads be replaced?

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