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Ink Cartridge: Troubleshooting and Cleaning practices

Ink cartridge Cannot Be Recognized

Always pay attention to the error messages displayed on the computer. Any irregularities in the printing process are communicated via blinking lights and when not resolved ends-up with printer refusing to print.

The user must analyze what the error messages implies in order to act immediately and do troubleshooting or cleaning as maybe necessary. An “incorrect print cartridge” or “print cartridge problem” error message could mean that the ink cartridge cannot be recognized. This regularly happens if a non-compatible ink cartridge is loaded into the printer. Or the cartridge reset must be made, particularly if loading-in recycled cartridges.

The regular solution to resolve this issue is by resetting, cleaning, or replacing the cartridges. The process is detailed hereuder:

  1. First see to it that the printer is turned on, that it is securely plugged to the power socket.
  2. Next, open the cartridge access door. The carriage should have moved to the right side of the printer and wait until carriage has fully stopped before continuing.
  3. Push the cartridge down to release it from the printer holder, pull to free it from the slot. Then unplug the printer from the power source once the cartridge has been pulled free.
  4. Never touch the electrical contacts (copper colored) or the ink nozzles, oil and contaminants in bare hands could result in poor electrical connections, hinder ink to flow freely and clog the microscopic nozzles. Also be cautious and never touch the copper electrical strip.
  5. While at it, inspect the cartridge thoroughly and remove the clear protective tape that might still be in the cartridge.
  6. Before installing the ink cartridge back, institute cleaning of the cartridge and carriage contacts.
  7. Cleaning, normally will include clean distilled water, cotton swabs or other lint free material that do not stick to the cartridge, sheets of paper or paper towels. Do not use tap water because it has contaminants that could harm the cartridge sensitive parts.
  8. Hold the cartridge on the sides, inspect for ink and dirt build-up. Use a distilled water dampened cotton swab to clean the colored contacts. Clean as well the electrical contacts of the carriage and the one on the cartridge slot.
  9. Wait for ten minutes to allow contacts to dry before reinstalling the cartridge back into the slot. Then run a test print.

The entire ink cartridge troubleshooting and cleaning processes should be able to solve all the nagging printer irregularities, ink cartridge cartridge cannot be recognized included. The user is advised to do the entire process swiftly and should not last more than thirty minutes. Allowing the cartridge out of the printer for more than the allotted time, could cause ink to dry-up and clog the nozzles.

In the end, if an ink cartridge cannot be recognized problem persists, resetting could be the answer – or it is time to replace the cartridge entirely.

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