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HP Printer offline: Happens regularly, just reconnect?

Radio signals are never consistent, there are always lapses in connectivity. So, why is my hp printer offline, blame it on the WiFi service provider, and not on the hp printer offline windows 10 operating system (OS). 

In fact it is really encouraging to be using windows 10 OS, because it has a special app and part of the HP print and scan doctor app that automatically check connectivity issues. Simply run the HPPSdr. exe from the download location of your computer. Once the special app opens it guides users on how to go around connectivity issues.

Click start right after the app opens, automatically it gives instructions if the issue is about WiFi connectivity. Follow correctly the instruction of the hp print and scan doctor appearing on the screen. The series of instructions should already resolve the connectivity problem, however if the issue persist follow on with the next step.

Resetting the printing environment is necessary to restore printing operation. First is to turn off the computer and the printer, allow 10 seconds before disconnecting the printer power cord from the printer. Repower both the computer and printer and reconnect the router, it should resolve the issue. Try to print, once successful the process is now complete, if it fails restore the default print driver.

The default print driver regularly shuts off once connectivity issues happen, it must be restored to resume printing runs. Start by searching Windows and click Devices and Printers, and click on the hp printer that is being used from the list and set as default printer. Restoring the default printer setting should be the last nail in the coffin. Print.

If printing is still not successful, the error is not a connectivity issue, so why is my hp printer offline is not applicable. Hp printer offline windows 10 is also not the culprit, some other issues must have triggered the offline connectivity status.

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