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HP OfficeJet Printer: How to connect to the wireless network?

The only reason WiFi (wireless fidelity) is enjoying widespread popularity is convenience, because being freed from meters upon meters of connecting cables, allows printing from almost anywhere. The hp officejet printer is a classic example, and how to connect the hp printer to wifi is a simple process.

Hp is one of the pioneers in the WiFi technology, an innovation that brought hp printers to a status everyone aims to duplicate. For instance, the process of connecting hp printers to wifi has been dealt with easy to understand guidelines so users can dutifully follow without the nagging hitches encountered in other printer brands. 

To give users the idea of how simple it is, try to delve into the following:

  1. The printer works in tandem with a computer, before anything else see to it that both devices are properly powered on.
  2. Once the printer is turned on, rely on the printer touchscreen to connect to the wireless network.
  3. On the screen look for ‘setup’ use the arrow key to navigate through it and press.
  4. From the setup menu, look for the ‘network’, and select wireless setup wizard and press. It will then search for the wireless network.
  5. While in it, select the network (ssid) from the available list. Add in the wep/wpa passphrase for the network and press done.
  6. Press ‘ok’ to confirm the setting.
  7. Press once more ‘ok’ to print wireless report or skip.

That’s it, the connection to the wireless network is now complete, and printing can now commence.

The entire process is really easy and convenient to go through, even school graders can do it. And if the guidelines are done in order, there will be no hitches that can spoil the printing runs. If the device is developed by hp, expect that it will be user-friendly, because the company aims to deliver on its promise. To provide users the best that printing technology can offer.

Remember, how to connect hp printer to WiFi is not as hard as everyone imagines, particularly if it belongs to the hp officejet printer series.

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