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HP Laserjet Printers: How To Do A Memory Upgrade?

Printers like your laptop or PC need to have a RAM memory upgrade, the reason is tied to the performance of the device. Printer upgrade is inclusive even to high-end HP LaserJet printers.

Why do you need an upgrade? The built-in firmware memory is designed to perform predetermined number of tasks, anything in excess affects the performance of the device. A misconception appears to be driving most users believing that nothing can be done about it. And because of this mistaken belief, most dump a fully functional device and buy a better model. It is a practice that is wasteful, when only a firmware upgrade is the solution to improve the performance.

When printing documents takes forever to complete, the RAM memory of the printer could not handle the bulk of the print job. This is apparent when the print job includes large graphics, because the task is so complex that the built-in firmware could not compensate and fail to respond to the ordered tasks. In some instances when the memory is overburdened the printer will suddenly crash out and refuse to print.

Upgrading the firmware memory of the printer is easy, it follows basic steps that are even considered child’s play in the degree of difficulty. Like most printers, a hp laserjet printers follow these generic sequences:

  1. The first step is to open the printer, remove the cover and look for the D RAM slot.
  2. Insert the new memory card into the slot, and that’s it the upgrade is complete.
  3. Reinstall the cover of the machine and power on. Try to test print.

Even if the steps are quite simple, the process of looking for the correct memory card is what makes upgrading a little of a hassle. Printers like the HP LaserJet printer normally came with a 64MB RAM and upgrading normally requires that one must refer to the specification to get the right card. Or better yet contact the manufacturer because printers have limited upgrade option. Users cannot just jump from 64MB to say to 512MB, upgrade must be compatible with the printers expected capability.

Users must be responsible and never just give up easily on an electronic device, exhaust all options and upgrade your HP LaserJet printer. Remember, manufacturing use a lot of resources to develop a product and if these are non-renewable reserves, throwing your e-garbage becomes a disservice to the environment.

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