HP DLT IV TK88 Data Storage: Why Is It Beneficial To Companies?

HP DLT IV TK88 Data Cartridge

HP DLT IV TK88 Data Cartridge

A company acquires volumes of data over time. Whether in digital form or physical paper, it always comes down to one problem. Where do you store data? Technology however has stepped into this problem and provided a solution. Since space is already limited to physical papers, digital data can be stored in devices. For years, the data cartridge like the HP DLT IV TK88 is one of the most reliable devices for data storage.

HP DLT IV TK88 Data Storage Features

High storage capacity
The HP DLT IV TK88 has a storage capacity of up to 80GB of data. This means that the higher the data cartridge holds the information; the physical space of backup storage devices is required. It also has high transfer speed. Consequently, retrieval of data and tape operation is quicker saving valuable time.

Durable and reliable
Data cartridges undergone rigorous testing and are specially designed for everyday use. In addition, it was optimized to have a long archival life keeping every data secured for years and years. It is reliable in catering small to medium digital network system needs even at high-end workstations.

One time storing
The HP DLT IV TK88 has SuperDLT tape drives which allow one-time writing and at the same time backward read of compatible and compressed drives. This data retention capability helps in protecting data investments using hardware encryption and WORM media.

Space and energy saver
As mentioned, the higher storage capacity a data cartridge has, the lesser there is a need for more backup devices. The system therefore has more space to store newer data. As a result, it will also take less energy whenever retrieval is called for. Aside from the fact that data cartridges consume less energy compared to other data storage devices.

Easier to use
Numerous alternatives for data storage are out there packed with several technologies for easy operation. However, data cartridges remain since it is proven to be effective for painless storing and retrieval of data. Experts recommend companies use them for full-system backups. This way, when unfortunate things happen to the system – corrupted or crashed perhaps, the company will have an easier way of restoring the data lost.

Data cartridges will remain one of the trusted and reliable storage devices for many companies.  The HP DLT IV TK88 Data cartridge offers better, cheaper and easier way of data storage and retrieval.

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