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HP CP1525 Laser Printer – Is it Worth Owning?

Finding the right printer which suits personal and office needs can be quite tough. However, the HP CP1525 laser printer is capable of filling this void. With its professional-quality color prints, it is perfect as a personal printer. And its versatile connectivity makes it an ideal shared printer for a small office. It is guaranteed to be user-friendly and the availability of
toner refill kits for this model makes it even more desirable to purchase.

Compared to its predecessor, the HP CP1525 model has a bigger footprint of 15.7 by 17.8 inches. Thus, it will take up a bit more space on an office desk. However, its larger size is coupled with amazing capabilities, which tower over other generic printers on the market today. The following are its powerful features that make this laser printing worth owning:

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Excellent print quality. It is capable of producing professional color documents and text quality is perfect for any business need. This makes the HP CP1525 ideal for printing marketing materials like threefold brochures and one page handouts. Also, users should not be worried about toner consumption because there are affordable toner refill kits available for this laser printer.

Print from virtually anywhere. It is equipped with a remote printing service called HP ePrint, which makes printing possible by sending email via a tablet or a smartphone. This allows the user to send printing jobs to this laser printer even when he is away. Thus, promotes productivity even when one is on the go. Sharing of printing resources in a small office is also possible using this printer’s built-in Ethernet.

Reduces environmental impact. It has an Instant-On Technology, which reduces energy consumption. The HP Smart Web Printing software allows users to print only the needed Web content neatly and accurately, which in turn saves a lot of paper. In addition, toner refill kits can be used to refill the toner cartridges of this laser printer. This means that users can re-use the cartridges up to 4 times and delaying their trip to the landfill. This recycling method helps because toner cartridges are non-biodegradable and causes harm to the environment.

Truly, the HP CP1525 laser printer is the ideal choice for entrepreneurs who need marketing materials for their ad campaigns. Also, it is perfect for those who enjoy printing brilliant colored documents and graphics straight from the comfort of their own home.

Don’t dump that empty toner cartridge just yet! You can use it for another 2 or 3 printing cycles. Get it refilled with toner refill kits.

HP CP1525 CE320A CE321A CE322A CE323A 4 Pack Refill With

HP CP1525 CE320A CE321A CE322A CE323A 4 Pack Refill With

Remember, affordable and high quality toner refill kits are available for this laser printer. This will help users to save on printing cost without compromising the printing quality.

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