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HP Color LaserJet CP2025 – How to Solve Common Color Printing Issues?

The Color LaserJet CP2025 is known to deliver high quality printouts in great speed (20ppm) and resolution (600×600 dpi). Using toner cartridges in CMYK colors, it is widely used by small offices to cater their printing needs. However, several color printing issues arise especially when a part of the printer is defective or when it lacks regular maintenance. But no worries, it can be fixed. Below are some of the common color printing problems and the corresponding solutions.

Missing colors
The CMYK colors are the basic colors used to produce many other colors when printing a graphic. However, what does it mean when some of the colors on the printout are missing?

Common Causes:
a.) A defective toner cartridge
b.) Dirty electrical connectors.

1. Clean the electrical connectors. Simply wipe it off with nonabrasive cloth.
2. Reset the toner cartridges.
3. See if the nozzles are clogged. To unclog, dip the printhead in a bowl of warm water + isopropyl alcohol solution for a few seconds.

HP LaserJet CC530A CP2025 CM2320 Black OEM Toner Cartridge

HP LaserJet CC530A CP2025 CM2320 Black OEM Toner Cartridge

One of the unfortunate features of the Color LaserJet CP2025, is that when one cartridge is emptied, all the other three toner cartridges will not function as well. At times though, when it prints, expect either missing colors or not vivid colors. When this happens, do perform the above-mentioned solutions.

Misaligned colors
Another vexing problem is not able to get the right printout because the colors are misaligned if not printed out of the page. This could mean a total waste of toner and paper supply, not to mention time.

a.) Defective or dirty transfer belt
b.) Defective or dirty scanner window


  1. Replace or clean the transfer belt. Since the transfer belt is responsible for collecting the toner, it is possible that it became too dirty or already worn out.
  2. Replace or clean the scanner window. This part of the HP Color LaserJet CP2025 is responsible for directing the laser beam to the photoreceptor to capture or expose the image before developing. When this part is defective or dirty, it could result not only to a misalignment but also to skewed or faded printouts.

Mismatched colors
Truth is, unmatching colors on a printout is more on due to the printer’s color and printing quality. The resolution and toner quality could greatly affect the result.


  1. Run a full color calibration occasionally to ensure that the printer is in good color printing condition.
  2. Customize color setting and resolution.
Premium Remanufactured 4-Pack CC530A CC531A CC532A CC533A HP Toner Cartridges

Premium Remanufactured 4-Pack CC530A CC531A CC532A CC533A HP Toner Cartridges

Printing with Color LaserJet CP2025 is a fun experience. However, make sure to perform the above solutions when encountering color printing problems. But when the printer runs out of toner, use a CC530A compatible toner cartridge and other compatible consumables at a much lower price.

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