HP All-in-one Printer: Why Need A Printer Remote App?

HP all-in-one printer remote

Digital Printers are stand alone devices designed primarily to print documents or information coming from computers or other mobile devices. However, faithfully tracking the printer’s operation is not possible, so the HP all-in-one printer remote app is added to the fray.

The HP AIO (all-in-one) remote app is intended only for computers or laptops running Windows 8 OS. This app allows users to connect to the printer to automatically check the status of the device whether both are on the same room or anywhere through wireless connectivity. It is used to access important information like:

  1. Printer’s current status including connectivity signal, consumable supply levels, and error stages in the printer’s operation.
  2. The app is needed for a user who wants to connect to other HP printers within the local network. It allows the user to view instructions particularly when installing and uninstalling printers.
  3. Lastly this app promotes efficiency as it can directly access HP support and supplies.

The features that this app backs include (1) convenient access when looking for a different printer, (2) information, (3) controls, (4) toolbox, and (5) resources.

  1. Convenient access to other HP printers – open the the app, right click to look for the printer at the bottom window or add the desired printer. Once installed it shows the printer on the network with this app or the once recently working using this app.
  2. Information – checks printer status whether it is running smoothly a green checkmark displays or when in error mode an orange color triangle displays. A user can also access the printer’s information, like the IP address, installation and network status. And lastly, supplies orders can be made directly from the HP SureSupllies website.
  3. Controls allow users to print photos or look for other photo files, print documents, scan and an HP PageLift – automatically trims, correct lights, and orients captured images without the need for manual editing.
  4. Toolbox – actually shows reports, what was actually printed, set printer preferences and do maintenance tasks on the printer.
  5. Services – under this feature a user can register a printer on the HP Website to have access to personalized communication like printer updates, support, promotional offers. This also includes support access online.

The HP all-in-one printer remote app provide feature resources other than what is mentioned but is dependent on the printer model and Windows 8 operating system (OS). It has an HP Scan and Capture, a simple app that captures images and documents from any HP printer connected to the local network.
Remember, to avail of the HP all-in-one printer remote app always specify the mandated HP printer model, this is not intended for other printer brand or model.

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