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HP 8610 Printer: Restoring default settings?

The HP 8610 printer has been factory set to maximize the latent capability of the device. However, if default is not satisfactory, users have options to improve on the performance of this all-in-one inkjet printer.

It (resetting) is self-defeating because in the process of getting more from the printer, some functions could be disabled. Particularly, if the user is not as technically inclined as to miss some of the detailed instruction that comes in chronological sequences. So, instead of an enhanced printer, a dud is what one gets.

When met with this predicament, the user can always rely on the option to get back to default or original factory settings. The process follows these several instructions and regularly coursed through the printer’s control panel;

  1. Look for the touch setup by sliding one’s finger across the printer control panel display, and once it appears touch the setup icon.
  2. Touch tools appears, and from it touch restore factory defaults, and pick yes.
  3. A message will then appear, stating that the network or factory settings has been restored. Touch ‘OK’.
  4. To be certain that the factory setting has been restored, verify by printing a network configuration page.

The sequence of restoring back to default setting has been completed, the printer will now operate based on the settings as originally conceived.

Added caution, previously configured wireless settings are regularly deleted when the option to reset the printer is availed of. So, users must again go through the process of restoring wireless settings as stipulated in the instructions.

If in the end, the hp 8610 printer, still have trouble printing, visit the hp website for information and support to resolve the issues. If the cause of the trouble of the all-in-one printer is Windows based, the hp print and scan doctor can help.

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