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How to Refill Your Brother TN-250 Toner Cartridge?

How to Refill Your Brother TN-250 Toner Cartridge

Brother toner cartridges likely stand out with toner cartridge refillers, among all the other toner cartridge brands. And why not, when it is outfitted with a fill hole along its casing? The accessible fill hole secured by a fill plug opens up to the toner supply chamber which really makes refills much more convenient. Therefore, refilling a Brother TN-250 toner cartridge for instance will be easy not only for expert cartridge refillers but also for users of toner refill kits.

Since the Brother TN-250 toner cartridge was designed with the prospects of reloading its toner supply in mind, the user will only have to look for the cartridge’s fill hole. Once spotted, the refill process could commence. Below is an overview of pertinent refill procedures that should help a novice toner refill kit user overcome hesitancy and conduct the refill successfully.

Empty toner cartridges can be refilled with a new shot of toner. Printer Encycloypedia has got the inside story on how to refill toner cartridges.

  1. Unload the empty cartridge from the laser printer and place it over a flat, steady surface. A workbench will be ideal but you can perform the refill on a kitchen table nevertheless.
  2. Now feel up the side of the Brother TN-250 toner cartridge and search for that black plastic fill plug.
  3. When spotted, lift up and then twist the plastic plug using your thumb. This will reveal the toner supply chamber.
  4. Position the cartridge with the fill hole facing a plastic sheet lined trashcan. Slowly empty used toner powder into the trashcan. Take note to properly rid the toner chamber of used toner residues and use a toner vacuum if available. Contaminants, when mixed with new toner powder, can cause print quality irregularities.
  5. Retrieve the toner refill kit compatible with Brother TN-250 toner cartridges. Pull out the supplied bottle of replacement toner powder and funnel cap.
  6. Now open the bottle’s seal and screw on tightly the accompanying funnel cap into the bottle’s mouth.
  7. Slowly transfer fresh toner powder from the bottle and into the chamber (through the fill hole).
  8. Once chamber is full, push and twist the plastic plug back into the fill hole until it sets and seals the cartridge.
  9. Open the side cavity of the cartridge and readjust the reset gear. This completes the refill process.

Before reloading the refilled cartridge back into the laser printer and printing test prints, gently shake it from side to side to evenly distribute new toner supply inside the chamber. The entire refill process takes less than 10 minutes to complete. It also helps that refill packages are supplied with an illustrated instructional material for reference.

Reuse empty toner cartridges and save as much as 80% on printing costs. Visit and shop for the toner refill kit compatible with your cartridge.

The Brother TN-250 toner cartridge was designed durable enough to withstand 2 to 4 refills. Rated to deliver 2,200 pages of print at the standard page coverage of 5%, expect to get as much yield from the refilled cartridge but at a price that is around 80% cheaper than the OEM toner cartridge. All these perks plus the benefit of OEM quality prints are all yours through the use of compatible toner for your cartridge. Get your Brother TN-250 toner refill kits only from reputable online resellers that can guarantee the quality of their kits and likewise provide after sales technical assistance.

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