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How To Refill The Brother TN-350 Toner Cartridge?

When printouts manifest dusting and poor quality prints, the toner supply of the Brother TN-350’s toner chamber is most likely nearing exhaustion while residual toner particles are literally and no longer capable of accepting even the maximum electrical charge. In that case, it is now time to reload fresh toner powder into the toner chamber with the use of Brother TN-350 toner refill kit.

Here’s how the Brother TN-350 toner cartridge is replenished of its toner supply:

First and foremost, ascertain that your empty TN-350 toner cartridge is still in good working condition, as conducting refills on a defective cartridge defeats the purpose of reloading it. Select a work area with sufficient space that is thoroughly lighted and free from sudden wind movement as well. Likewise perform the refill on a sturdy workbench and provide a trashcan beside it.

Now put the empty  Brother TN-350 toner cartridge on the workbench and uncover the duct tape seal of the fill plug. Pry open the fill plug with the use of a small flathead screwdriver and possibly with a needle-nosed pliers. Most new generation toner cartridges (except Canon and HP) are designed with fill holes to thus streamline the refill process. Cleaning the Toner Chamber

Dump toner residues from the toner hopper. The fill hole should be positioned over the trashcan for easy disposal of waste toner. After that, clean the insides of the toner chamber properly and apply suction with the use of a toner vacuum as much as possible.

Unlike other OEM toner cartridges, a toner waste chamber does not form part of the design of Brother toner cartridges. Instead of collecting waste toner on a separate compartment, used toner is repelled from the drum and transferred back to the toner chamber by the developer roller in the process of printing to blend unused toner with waste toner. This set up can cause backgrounding in printouts when residual toner particles could no longer hold even the maximum charge. That is the reason why the toner chamber should be cleared of residual toner prior to replenishment.

Transferring Fresh Toner from Bottle to Toner Chamber

Pull out the bottle of replacement toner from the kit (Follow this link to preview the contents of a toner refill kit) and shake it a little to loosen toner particles. Now Open the seal and screw on the funnel cap. Directly aim the toner bottle over the fill hole and let toner flow freely. Remember not to squeeze the toner bottle as slight pressure can easily send toner dust airborne. When all of the supplied toner powder already fills the chamber; replace the fill plug and use lint free cloth to clear the outer surface of toner residues.

Resetting the Cartridge

  1. Remove 3 screws holding the end cap as illustrated below to reset the cartridge and get rid of the “”Low Toner”” message.
  2. Once discarded, adjust the reset gear flag to its starting position. Reinstall the gear cover plate and the 3 screws. Now hold the cartridge and shake it gently to distribute toner to the magnetic roller (developer). The refill process is now complete.
  3. The refill process using Brother toner refill kits is really simple and easy to accomplish at that. All it takes is common sense and patience to restore the cartridge back to working mode.

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