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How To Refill HP Q6000A And HP 2600 Color Cartridges?

“The color cartridges of the HP Laserjet 2600 series (HP Q6000A, Q6001A, Q6002A, Q6003A) of laser printers are refilled through the melt and pour method just like most OEM toner cartridges. But what’s unique about HP cartridges is that it does not come with a fill hole/fill plug component that allows the easy transfer of fresh toner powder into the toner supply chamber. Moreover, a waste chamber “ where used toner is collected, forms part of its design; to thus add a step or two into the refill process.

Well, that shouldn’t discourage you from reloading an empty HP cartridge. Just prepare the necessary materials and tools; follow instructions to the tee and you can never go wrong!

Materials and Tools:
Empty HP Q6000A, Q6001A, Q6002A or Q6003A

HP 2600 Toner Refill Kit 4 Pack (Includes 4 color bottles of fresh toner powder, 4 funnel caps, 4 pairs of latex gloves, toner wipes and instructional manual)

Replacement / Reset Chip (Should be supplied with the kit)
Refill Tool
Electrical Tape
X-Acto knife
Toner Vacuum
Trash Bin

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  1. Pull out the refill tool and plug into an outlet. Allow it to heat up for 1 to 3 minutes.
  2. Once heated up, gently push the refill tools tip over a specific section of the cartridge (see manual) to create an opening for the waste chamber. Be sure to remove the circular plastic piece carved out by the tool if it should fall into the bin.
  3. Turn the cartridge upside down over a trash can to empty toner residues filling the waste bin. Apply suction using a toner vacuum (optional).

Cleaning the Toner Supply Chamber

  1. Melt a second hole on another section of the cartridge (see manual) using the refill tool to create an opening for the toner supply chamber.
  2. Perform the same set of cleaning instructions intended for the waste chamber but do not seal the fill hole just yet.
  3. Replenishing Toner Supply
  4. Pull out from the kit the bottle of replacement toner that corresponds to the Q6001A, Q6002A, Q6003A color cartridge being refilled.
  5. Shake the bottle gently to loosen toner powder
  6. Attach the funnel cap to the mouth of the bottle and position the caps end into the fill hole.
  7. Carefully pour toner from the bottle to the fill hole to replenish the cartridges toner supply.
  8. Seal the hole with an electrical tape thereafter. Do not attempt to cover the hole with a fill plug as the plug will block a rotating blade from the inside of the cartridge.

Don’t dump that empty toner cartridge just yet! You can use it for another 2 or 3 printing cycles. Get it refilled with toner refill kits.

Replacing the Reset Chip

The cartridges reset chip needs to be replaced to reset the print counter and get rid of the low toner message. Being a lockout chip, the printer will keep reading the refilled cartridge as empty and you won’t be able to proceed with print jobs.

  1. Locate the reset chip. This is found on the rear of the supply chamber.
  2. Carefully cut the plastic tabs holding the chip with the use of an X-Acto knife.
  3. Insert the knife blade beneath the chips base and slide it upward away from its housing.
  4. Pull out the replacement chip from the kit and insert it into the housing with the (gold plated) contact side of the chip facing out.
  5. Gently shake the cartridge from side to side to distribute the toner evenly and load the cartridge back into the printer to conduct test prints.

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