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How To Properly Refill A Brother MFC-8950DW Cartridge?

The toner cartridge of a Brother MFC-8950DW can be very expensive. Throwing it away after depleting the toner load would be impractical. To be able to continue printing for less the cost, users can refill the super high yield toner cartridge with a toner refill kits.

Refilling a Brother MFC-8950DW toner cartridge is not that simple, it involves tweaking toner reset gears as well as other parts of the cartridge which can be confusing. But do not worry, the steps below will ensure a successful refill.

Do note that a flag gear is required for the toner reset of the TN780 cartridge. The starter cartridge is a demo cartridge that comes with the Brother MFC-8950DW. The printer package will not have a flag gear in it. You will need to purchase the reset flag gear in order to refill the cartridge.

Empty toner cartridges can be refilled with a new shot of toner. Printer Encyclopedia has got the inside story on how to refill toner cartridges.

Follow these steps to properly refill a Brother MFC-8950DW High Yield Toner Cartridge.

  1. Remove the fill plug from the toner cartridge.
  2. Empty the toner cartridge of old toner. This is an important step. Be sure to thoroughly clean the cartridge. Mixing new and old toner will negatively affect the printing result.
  3. With the handle facing you, remove the three screws on the left end of the toner cartridge.
  4. Carefully pry up the toner cartridge cover. Four gears will be exposed, remove them along with the toner reset spring.
  5. Gently pry off the white bushing on the opposite side of the developer roller. Be careful not to lose the spring.
  6. Move the white plastic locking tab on the right side of the developer roller to an up position.
  7. Remove the developer roller. Carefully clean the developer roller and the slot it is from.
  8. Reinstall the developer roller.
  9. Fill the cartridge with the right color and the appropriate amount of toner.
  10. Replace the fill plug and wipe the cartridge to remove any remaining toner dust.
  11. Reinstall all the gears. Set the toner reset gear on the right position and lock it in with the spring.
  12. Reinstall the cartridge cover and run test print.

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By refilling a toner cartridge, you save money and reduce the number of cartridges to be thrown into the landfill. Save money and help save the environment by using refill kits. However, in the absence of time to refill the cartridge, TN780 compatible toner cartridge super high yield cartridge can be used as a replacement for Brother MFC-8950DW.

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