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How To Print Accounting Documents In Bulk?

Printing Accounting documents in bulk

Printing accounting documents is a just a click away, because computers have applications devised for this purpose. However, such is only good for lone documents, the matter complicates when printing in bulk.

Do not lose heart though, because there are lots of softwares designed specifically for this type of application. Microsoft for one, has included this function and is easily accessible through the Windows Explorer menu. And the nice part is, it can be used to print mass documents all at once without the need to open the documents. The process are as follows:

  1. First on the list is print a sample document, to see that the margins and layout conforms to the format requirement. This step is important because when the print setting is not comfy with the intended format, it will result in waste of ink and paper – added expense for the office.
  2. Create a single folder and proceed with filling it up with all the documents to be printed.
  3. If the files for printing are in consecutive order hold down the shift key and select the first and last file. This allows the program to print the documents in the order the user wants.
  4. If printing is selective and only particular files are required to be printed, hold down Ctrl key and punch in the files to be printed.

For example if the file folder has 20 documents lined up to be printed, and marked doc 1, 2, 3 and so forth. And the documents are to be printed serially, just hold down the shift key and chose doc 1 and 20 – the first and last file in the series of documents in the file folder. On the other hand if only two, documents no. 9 and 16 are needed, press down Ctrl key on the keyboard and follow the next step:

  1. Right click and press select on the right click menu. This prompts Windows to print all the documents one by one in the order selected from the default print setting.

The step mentioned is not applicable if one of the document lined up is open, all documents in the folder must be closed before multiple printing can commence. This set-up works in any office document not just accounting. It is quite easy when printing documents in bulk, since each file need not be opened and print manually one after the other.

In some instances printing of these accounting documents may not be necessary, particularly when doing a report and is to be sent to the boss for verification. Transform the word document into a PDF file, store and send to see the response and print the hard copy only when everything is now in order.

The bottom line, printing accounting documents in bulk is not hard as perceived because of the different operating softwares available.

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