How To Dispose of Ink Cartridges

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The concept of the twenty-first century is to lessen the use of inorganic materials and efficient disposal. It is not something new. Nowadays, we have seen government authorities get serious about the atmosphere and companies are forced to dispose wastes in a way that lessens injury to the atmosphere.

With the release of low-cost inkjet color printer, individual customers lastly could manage to print out high quality and cheap color documents. As the technology was enhanced, we could lastly print out high-quality picture images for cents. The standard and complexness of inkjet color printer is ongoing up until today. We have the multi-function color printer that does almost everything – print the very best color pages, pictures, copy documents and even fax functionality.

Dozens of low-priced inkjet color printers have boosted thousands of kinds of ink cartridges – from single ink colors to multi-ink colors, to picture great quality ink. Besides, as color printer come and go, so do the kinds of refills.

What do you do with all those empty cartridges? For the most aspect, many customers simply used them away. Can you think about how many empty ink cartridges are using the landfill? While a perfect number would be difficult to calculate, it is in the large numbers per year. Consider those ink cartridges are made out of plastic – a petroleum-based product and can take about 1,000 years to break down. There is an authentic need to disposing of empty ink cartridges.

Based on 2009 research 20% – 40% of ink cartridges are reprocessed. That means that up to 80% will end up in dumps. If we were to redirect the incredible number of empty refills from the dump to disposing of, we would preserve a surprising number of cubic feet of material from convenience; which would save an enormous amount of money in having to build more dumps.

You can dispose of your empty ink cartridges many ways. But first of all,  to dispose of them by reloading the ink cartridges. In most cases, you can refill the ink cartridges up to 6 times and even then, you do not need to dispose of it in the rubbish. Many companies out there will pay you for your empty ink cartridges. Many ink cartridges bought by companies are paid up to $4.00 per empty cartridges.  Your local office supply store may even offer discount rates if you generate your pipes. If they do not provide discount rates, you can still produce your empty ink cartridges and down payment it into their disposing channels.

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