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Wireless Printer Connectivity: How to Reconfigure A Printer To Go Wireless?

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There are special models of printers in the market that can be reconfigured to print using wireless printer connectivity technology.

Why wireless printer connectivity came into mainstream use? You may have noticed that computer and printer devices decades back were interconnected using bulky cables. The presence of these cables have to be arranged or installed discreetly to improve the physical makeup of offices. Imagine hundreds of meters of cables must be needed to complete a functioning local area network, that’s a lot of wires creeping around. Those days though are over, because wireless connectivity has taken the thunder from hard wired connections.

What is wireless printer connectivity technology? This technology was precisely developed to rid offices of unsightly and bulky interconnected cables. Basically, wireless technology employs radio waves to connect devices to each other or connect to the network. The two devices, the modem and router also had a facelift and to be receptive to wireless signal transmission. Wireless connectivity was the added feature because wired connection can also be applicable, if the user do not opt to go wireless.

What does wireless connectivity bring to the fore? Convenience is the name of the game, as a user will be free to move and print anywhere but within the range of the router. The range of the router to be effective is about 30 meters. That’s a lot in terms of convenience, it’s like working in your favorite space while the router is in the ground floor living room.

Why is there a need to reconfigure the printer? The primary reason is of course to be on the same radio signal bandwidth to transmit data. WI FI normally is at 2.4Ghz which is a very crowded frequency but effective in a sense that in this band signal can penetrate walls and windows to transmit. However, under this band, signal is prone to interference, thus there is always a need to do WI FI reconfiguration. Take note that every time the router switches off, it must be reconfigured to continue transmission.

Like all new electronic devices reconfiguring is essential to match the setting to the existing network protocols. First in line would be to check if the devices have adapters, because wireless printer connectivity can never be possible without this device. Although the presence of adapters are somewhat standard in wireless gadgets, a check would still be necessary. There is no substitute to be certain about a thing than be sorry in the end.

Even if WIFI signal reconfiguration is somewhat tricky, printer manuals are designed to allow users to go through the wireless printer connectivity process with ease and convenience.

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