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Financial Printers: Are They Different From Any Regular Printer?

financial printer

Financial printers are not specific devices designed to print special office documents. It is just any ordinary printer and it is the task assigned to it that makes it – well truly special.

It is merely a terminology used in offices and print shops to describe a printer that prints classified documents. And considering the purpose of the device, it must sit well in a truly secured physical environment. The reason for the tight security is to prevent information leaks or avoid access by unauthorized third parties.

Security is of utmost concern, because printing includes stuff like banknotes, legislation documents, bank forms and all other government forms. Real world government documents that covers referendum forms, tax returns, exam papers and several others. And also for NGO’S like businesses that prints annual reports, stock certificates, warrant forms, and other high-end sounding literature.

The purpose is similar to a ‘bible or book printer’ that only print books like the bible. Financial printers are geared specifically to churn out materials for the financial services sectors. If printing  is done in-house in business offices, secured printing will not really be a burden because only a select few will have access to the printer. The security nightmare will be felt when printing jobs are submitted to commercial printers.

For commercial printers tight security protocols are strictly observed, since the customer base includes not only private financial institutions and investments banks but as well as governments and public bodies. In-house sessions between printer management and government representatives will be intense and could extend several hours during the day or throughout the week when necessary.

Beside commercial printers are continuously on the defensive end when it comes to the margin of profit side of the job. And due to various customer base, commercial printers are expected to meet very tight deadlines, particularly with authorities breathing down their necks all the time. These are all part of commercial financial printers duty to contend with on 99% of the time – hourly, daily and weekly basis.

Even with a truly demanding printing demand, financial printers or security printers, can only charge minimally. Almost all charges are only marginally higher than regular commercial printers, besides coping up with the security protocols from bankers, lawyers and accountants also known as government manic regulators.

Remember, there are no marked differences between an ordinary to financial printers, It is the task assigned to it or working routines that defines its classification.

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