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Fax Messaging: Which Is Safer Fax Machine vs eFax vs Emails?

Which Is Safer Fax Machine vs eFax vs Emails

Despite the rise of Internet online technology (efax vs emails), fax machines remains a permanent fixture in most offices and even homes. In fact, to date there are over a hundred billion fax machines operating around the globe (David Consulting).

There are however, security concerns surrounding fax messaging, so alternate systems like online is threatening the continued dominance of fax machines. In terms of document security, how secure are fax machines vs efax and emails? Hereunder is a comparative analysis on the different systems security concerns:

  1. Emails and Efax – this system has evolved to be the most preferred in sending both text and images electronically. The reason is perhaps anchored towards convenience, because the process is really simple, fast and easy to understand. Plus the fact that documents sent appears as a perfect duplicate to the original in terms of clarity. In most instances a short message precedes the attached main document in so many pages. Despite the convenience offered , efax and emails has its share of security concerns. Sending documents through email or efax is vulnerable and could easily be intercepted by unauthorized parties other than the recipient. Anybody can deliberately gain access to online accounts and intercept the messages. Or interested third party can infect the computer with viruses, creating havoc in the messaging setup. Or spam messages can be sent affecting the office’ operation.
  2. Fax machines – use the telephone line to send messages and it is possible that it could be intercepted during transmission. Simply, because information are transformed first into sound datum and sent through the phone line. The receiving fax machine decodes the message and print a copy of the original message. And messages coming out of the fax machines are legally binding, a distinct advantage over that of the other systems. Its disadvantage include possible data loss during transmission and will need continuous supply of consumables like paper, ink or toner.

It is now clear that the different systems of sending documents has varying degrees of security concerns and not one is found better than the other. Although, legally speaking fax machines appears to be the better option. Such advantage however is offset by the ease and convenience that online (efax vs email) offer.
At the end of it all, the choice will be dependent on the preference of the sender, it could be thru the fax machine or by efax vs email.

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