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Fax Messaging: Which Is Better Fax Online Or Fax Machine?

Fax messaging is the process used by businesses to move paper documents from one location to another anywhere even around the globe. This type of messaging started out with fax machines, but lately to send a fax online is the other option.

Which is better sending fax messaging the traditional way or online? Both options have pros and cons, and deciphering the advantages and/or disadvantages is the only way to arrive at a fair conclusion. So here it is:

  1. Using a fax machine is the traditional way of sending fax messages, having survived the document transfer solution market for the last 60years. The efficiency of the fax machine could not be questioned, but there are minor disadvantages associated with its use. One is the problem with security, putting at risk customer information as it moves from one fax machine to the next. Second, though durable, like any other equipment, a fax machine is prone to hardware failure, and repairs and servicing is expensive. Third, when sending global messages, fax machines add-on international long distance charges. The cost might be staggering aside from the relatively low-speed messages transmission. Plus, being dependent on a phone line might be the cause for some irregularities during message transmission.
  2. Lately fax messaging has moved to sending documents online, because of the distinct advantages compared to relying on the fax machine. First on the list is convenience since an Internet fax service can send and receive faxes from virtually around the globe. What is so amazing about it is it does not need paper, ink, toner,  it also store messages electronically, practically eliminating the need for a hard copy to be stored for future records. Online fax plans has no limits,all is needed is an active email address. To top it all online messaging is affordable and applicable to most businesses, whether small, medium or for large entities.

While using a fax machine is complicated, to send a fax online is easy and fast to set-up and will not need any additional phone line for the messaging service. Meanwhile, as the business grows, offices will have the option for an upgrade by buying into a larger program as it take the business to the next level.

It is clear from the advantages and or disadvantages listed that to send a fax online is the better option compared to using the fax machine.

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