Fax Machines: Why Are They Still Around?

Fax Machines Why Are They Still Around

At a time when the Internet is king, communication has totally been reinvented as emails becomes dominant. However, even with the ease recent devices offer fax machine troubleshooting and use continue to exist and its demise could still be far behind.

The reason is varied, depending on the application and generation of people availing of its importance. People who have been used to it would naturally prefer the fax machine, and the number is huge. Remember the fax machine has been in existence for the last 50 years, having been developed by Xerox in the 60’s. Thus, disassociating with the machine is potentially life-changing, particularly to the baby boomers generation.

If the fax machine were to vanish tomorrow, most affected are the older generation of professionals, doctors and lawyers included. In defense of their preference, here are the reasons:

  1. Document transmission security – is foremost in the minds of Doctors or Physicians due to possible lawsuits if leaks should occur during exchange of messages. This in particular involves messages between doctors, laboratories, and even insurance providers. Thanks wholly to the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) because of its complex structure, it is hardly understood. Although a fax machine is not secure because messages can be picked up by just anybody from the recipient side, interception is impossible during transmission. A setup entirely different from emails, because security is loose during transmission and interception of messages is always possible.
  2. Paper trail necessity – legal documents are regularly sent through mail and fax simply because lawyers don’t really keep track of email addresses. While directories always have listings of phone and fax numbers but never email. Besides, some courts of law accept fax signatures in lieu of original signatures, never being updated with email sent signatures.
  3. Fax messages becomes unique – particularly now when digital transmission is almost the new normal. Those using fax argues that emailed messages are usually deleted by a single push of the button, a move that is not possible with fax.
  4. Easy messaging – there are segments of the population that are still enamored with fax messaging. Putting their preference forward to an iconic level, attesting that fax is much easier to do, insisting that if one can dial a phone, one can send fax messaging easily. Besides, some areas may not have a reliable Internet connection, but will always have a phone line.

With all the arguments mentioned, still wonder why fax machine troubleshooting and messaging still continues to defy modern communication norms? But with the saying “old soldiers never die, they just fade away”, will be the way fax messaging is going to go.

Remember g fax machine troubleshooting has survived all of half a century, extending its existence a bit further is still a possibility.

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