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Fax Machines: What To Do When It Refuses To Send Or Receive Fax Messages?

What to do when fax machine can’t receive/send messages?

Fax machines are complicated office devices that rely on the telephone line to send and receive messages. Naturally, when fax sending connection fails the receiving side of messages will also experience the same irregularity.

What may compound the problem is signals are not visible and had to depend on sensors built into the machine and error codes to resolve the issues affecting signal transmission. Troubleshooting almost start with checking the availability of the telephone signal which will be the major cause of all fax transmission and reception problems.

And in most instances, the power cord that energize the machine and the modular cord that connects to the ‘line’ if disconnected could be the culprit behind. Surely loss or limited transmission signals will affect the performance of the machine. But when all of this are found sufficient, the problem should be something else.

Before calling a service technician though, ponder first on the following questions:

  1. When the machine fails to send fax messages, ask (a). was the document loaded correctly? If in doubt remove the document and restack it if necessary and reload it on the ADF correctly, (b). Was there a problem in inputting the one touch speed dialing code using the button? Was the correct number loaded? Check and dial again. (c) Does the recipient fax machine have enough paper? A call can resolve the issue. (d) Are there other documents sent from the printer memory? Just wait until all prior messages have been sent. (e) Are the sending and receiving fax machines compatible, otherwise transmission will be impossible.
  2. When the machine fails to receive messages, the question should start with (a) is the memory full? Then receiving incoming datum will not happen. Clear the cache first before new messages can be received. (b) Was there an error during transmission which caused the failure? Troubleshoot the cause and ask the other party to retransmit the messages.

Take note that modern fax machines are built to provide users with long and trouble free fax sending connection. All problems experienced by users are never attributed to the machine performance, but to some other factors connected to the operation of the machine.

Of course office machine live by the dictum that all are not created equal, performance and fax sending connection will vary from machine to machine.

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