Epson Printer Inks: Ink cartridges vs Eco Tanks

Epson ink cartridges vs Eco tanks

Epson has revitalized and made the printing ink industry interesting again. It is actually like an infusion of fresh blood as Epson ink cartridges are less favored compared to the new ink tanks.

What is Epson doing delivering printers with built-in ink tanks? Are these new printers any better than regular models that thrives using ink cartridges? Epson’s primary consideration is maybe commendable, to free users of the hassle of frequent replacement of ink cartridges during printing runs. The idea is noble, but it smacks of a hidden sinister motive to fleece some more unsuspecting users of their precious dollars. You see, regular inkjets cost less than $50, with the new model however, the price has reached the $300 level.

With an Epson ink tank model, users will be buying an all-in-one (AIO) inkjet printer with an ink tank capable of sustaining uninterrupted two year (24 months) printing run. To make a comparison, a single full Epson ink tank is equivalent to about 20 regular or standard ink cartridges. What is even more interesting, these ink tanks can be refilled using the company produced ink. The price of replacement ink bottles start at $13 apiece or $52 for a complete set.

To add more teeth to the drive, users can now upgrade their old printer models to one with an ink tank, giving them the leeway to never buy printer ink cartridge replacement for a considerable period of time. Maybe another reason why this is practical, are for users particularly those with high volume printing requirements or more than the average. Epson ink tanks are designed to service the four color CMYK variety.

How is the new Epson AIO ink tank printers more acceptable as an alternative? Regular models use replacement ink cartridges with a built-in printheads. This gives the assurance that users can expect the best print quality every time they change cartridges. That is why replacement inkjet cartridges are expensive because of the sophisticated printhead technology infused into every cartridge. In an Epson ink tank, cost will not be a determinant, because the printhead is built into the printer and only ink needs to be replaced. With ink so cheap, the new system should be an acceptable alternative.

It has been a well placed observation that printer companies are notorious for screwing regular customers by selling low priced printers and recouping the losses by supplying very expensive replacement inks. The move to do away with Epson ink cartridges is a complete turn around from the razor and razor blade practices. But even with the promise of relative ease in printing costs, consumers must still be vigilant. Something spooky might still be behind this new version.
Printers with ink tanks are much acceptable than those using the standard replacement inks like those loaded with regular Epson ink cartridges

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