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Epson ecotank printer: Is it economically remarkable?

Printing ink is never easy on the pocket, whatever one does to save always end up being drowned financially. The epson ecotank together with the epson ecotank printer is just one of the current innovation, but will it be a financially liberating alternative.

Looks like the new product from epson could help, because it does away with small ink cartridges, instead a large ink tank is added into the printer. Changing cartridges is entirely scrapped and fresh ink is poured into once ink runs dry. And to top it all, the volume or ink capacity of the tank is so generous that printing could last 2 years on a single load.

However, the crux of the matter is in this setup the upfront cost may be too high that could deter some from embracing it. In the long run though, the cost reduction benefit is really substantial. The fact that snapping of new replacement cartridges more often defrays cost significantly, omitting it from the equation printing expense is reduced drastically.

We know for a fact that cartridges are really expensive, not because of the ink but entirely due to the printing technology embedded into the design. Users are not actually buying replacement ink which is cheap, but a new cartridge for every replacement. This is understandable though, because manufacturers need to recoup development expenses.

Another downside of the epson ecotank and epson ecotank printer combo is refilling the ink tanks with fresh ink could be a little messy. Since each bottle or tank is secured with a foil seal that needs to be removed first before ink can be poured. So, users need to be really careful or ink could splash or contaminate the hands, furniture and others.

Remember the cost benefits are so glaring and economically remarkable that users could capitalize on and enjoy printing runs without the attendant cost considerations.

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