Effective Office Supplies Waste Reduction

Modern offices are keen to cut costs, such as buying the cheapest HP ink cartridges or cutting back on free tea and coffee, but companies also want to be environmentally friendly; not just because it is the right thing to do, but also because customers and clients like to see business taking their social responsibilities seriously.

There are lots of different techniques for effective office supplies waste reduction. You will find that over time, many of these techniques can actually save your company money, as well as saving the planet.

A great way to start reducing office waste is to centralize your purchasing system. Too many offices have several different people who are responsible for ordering the stationery for their own departments. However, if you centralize this system so that just one person is responsible for ordering everything for the whole building, then you will find that your stationery orders become much more streamlined and less wasteful. In addition, many stationery suppliers offer special deals for bulk orders, so that the cheapest HP ink cartridges will become even cheaper when you start buying them in larger and larger amounts.

Perhaps the simplest way to reduce your office supplies waste reduction is to recycle. There are very few things you can’t recycle these days; everything from leftover food, paper and cardboard, plastic and tin cans can be easily recycled, and recycling companies will often be happy to come and collect your recycling bins for free or for a small administration fee. You can even recycle the cheapest HP ink cartridges, giving them a new lease of life as a new plastic product.

Many office managers have introduced new policies to try and reduce the consumption of many products in the first place, reducing the amount of paper and the number of the cheapest HP ink cartridges that your employees go through every month. Setting printers to print on both sides by default can save a lot of paper every year, and encouraging staff to not print emails and documents unless absolutely necessary can reduce ink consumption – and save wear and tear on your printers.

We are far from the truly paperless office, yet it is easy to see that there are a number of effective office supplies waste reduction techniques that can make our officers a little greener, and a lot more cost-effective. Try introducing some of these simple methods in your own office, and see if you notice a change in stationery order patterns among your fellow workers.

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