Does Using Compatible Ink Cartridges Void Warranty?

Does Using Compatible Ink Cartridges Void Warranty

Using compatible ink cartridges has many benefits. However, many still hesitate to use them because of this one fearful question – Does using compatible ink cartridges void warranty?

To ease your worries, the answer is NO. Using compatible ink cartridges DOES NOT void or nullify your printer warranty. Why? Buying and using of compatible ink cartridges in any ink and toner store for any printer brand is NOT ILLEGAL. In fact, there is a stipulated law called Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act that protects consumer’s right to manufacturer’s warranties.  Simply put, it is against the law for any printer manufacturer to invalidate a warranty by using compatible consumables.

However, if by using compatible ink cartridge directly caused the malfunctioning of your printer, your warranty will be void or invalidated. In such case, before bringing your printer for repair, it is best to remove your ink cartridges.

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