Does Use Of Compatible Printer Cartridges Damage My Printer?

Do using compatible printer cartridges damage my printer? The answer is NO. Use of compatible ink and toner cartridges will likely harm your printer or change its print quality. However, there are common factors that contribute to damaging and deterioration of your printer.

  •         Residue of previous ink and toner used

Remaining residue especially the hardened ones from your previous cartridge can cause printing problems.  They cause blocking and clogging which results to print defects and low quality output. Therefore, cleaning your printer helps keep its shape and performance.

  •         Wrong cartridge

The most likely to damage the printer is using the wrong cartridge. Using the wrong cartridge may:

  1.    Adverse reaction to the residue of the previous cartridge due to different PH levels.
  2.    Cartridge does not fit which leads to damaging the printhead or rollers.
  3.    Wrong color formulation

Therefore, when choosing for compatibles, stick with your brand and cartridge model to ensure you get the right ink and toner for your printer.


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