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Does The Photoconductor Kit For Lexmark E332 Replace the Toner Cartridge?

Photoconductor kits and toner cartridges are both important parts of a laser printer. These parts serve different purposes in laser printing. These parts are not interchangeable and in the absence of one, the printer will not function. This is pretty clear. However, plenty of people still do not know their differences. Some ask which lasts longer or which has better print quality. Does the photoconductor kit replace the toner cartridges?

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The lack of information included in most printer packages is the root of these misunderstandings. Since most OEMs focus on things like how to operate the printer, how to make use of features and basic troubleshooting, included information about printer parts are close to null. This is why people get confused as to which product to purchase in order to continue with their print jobs.

Lexmark E230 E330 E342 12A8305 Black Remanufactured Toner Cartridge

Lexmark E230 E330 E342 12A8305 Black Remanufactured Toner Cartridge

What is a toner cartridge?
A toner cartridge acts as the storage and the one that dispenses the toner in order to make copies for copiers and print pages for printers. Toner cartridges do vary for most printers. Some printers however, use the same model of toner cartridge.

Toner cartridges have shorter life span compared to the photoconductor unit. This is mainly because as pages are printed, durability of the toner cartridge is degraded. Although these can be cleaned then refilled, the quality of the printouts will eventually deteriorate. After surpassing the number of refills, current cartridge should be replaced.


What is a photoconductor kit?
A photo conductor kit also known as drum unit, serves as the photoconductive drum. It is the part of laser printers that takes the image from the laser. The drum picks up the toner particles from the cartridge and then transfers them onto the paper.

Some printers have the photoconductive drum and the toner storage in one cartridge. Some printers like the Lexmark E332 have a separate toner cartridge and a photoconductor kit. It depends on the OEM as to how the printer is designed. A separate photoconductive kit usually lasts a lot longer than the toner.



A Lexmark E332 photoconductor kit cannot be used as replacement for the toner cartridge. It is made to replace the drum unit of the printer. On the other hand, a toner cartridge is in charge of the toner supply. If the toner load is depleted, users may refill or replace it.

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The photoconductor kit and toner cartridge both have finite shelf life. If a Lexmark E332 drum unit breaks down, compatible or OEM photoconductor kit can be purchased as replacement.

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