Digital Flip Flop: The Technology Behind the Information Storage Hardware

Digital Flip Flop: The Technology behind the Information Storage Hardware

Computers and other electronic devices need to remember information to work efficiently. These instructions or information are accessed or delivered directly from storage hardwares that operates through the digital flip flop technology.

Basically a digital flip flop is actually a single bit of RAM (random access memory) or the storage hardware in a computer. The bigger the RAM, the better for a computer because large volume of information can be stashed in it to aid in the operation of the device. It means that an electronic gadget infused with GB of RAM is way out of the leagues of devices in the MB range storage levels.

In digital electronics, a flip flop is a gateway cross connected between two NAND’s gates to form the basic memory cell. In plain language it is an electronic circuit that automatically changes state, i.e. from negative to positive or vice versa. It remains stable in this state until an external trigger makes it to ‘flip’ to its other state. Thus, the term ‘flip flop’ because the running circuit triggers itself and ‘flips’ upon demand.

These are the kind of electronic circuits used on computers to store and remember information (RAM memory). All computers are built with this information storage hardware and once an input of information is fed into the system it is processed and delivers an output. For instance, in an in-house alarm system, the firmware of the system tracks everything, and once illegal entry (information) is detected, it sends an alarm about the breach.

The more popular compact storage system is the RAM, or ‘random access’ because memory can be accessed directly from any memory cell. The response is instantaneous since there are no protocols to follow. The other storage system is the SAM (serial access memory) that stores data in a series of memory cells. Access is made sequentially like a cassette tape or checked out until the data is found.

Computers will never do the tasks assigned to it without running drivers or stored information made available through the digital flip flop technology. Much like a car that can never move without gas in its tank.

Remember, a computer is only as good as its drivers or OS (operating systems), the absence of one makes operation impossible.

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