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Communication Between Printer And Computer Issues : How To Resolve Them

As with the classic dance tango, the computer and printer must be able to communicate freely to sustain the degree of fluidity and raise performance. However, there are instances when communication between printer and computer issues arises so that the connection between the 2 devices cannot be established. It’s either the operating system is unable to transmit the required signal or the laser printer refuses to accept the flow of data. This irregularity is not only confined to wireless connections but also with hard wired connectivity. Some of the causes may be summed-up as follows:

Faulty Print Driver. Communication between printer and computer issues could materialize from a printer driver glitch. The printer driver is the software or application responsible for firing-up the computer system to perform the different task it was designed to do. In the course of printing, the print driver converts images into data or information the printer understands and can process; that is in the form of raster images or into series of dots. There are instances however when the operating system fails to detect the printer and reports a missing and/or incorrect print driver. So what to do when faced with print driver issues?

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If the printer is used as a stand alone unit dedicated to a laptop or PC, check (1) if the print spooler is active and started and (2) if the USB ports are working. If yes to both, attempt to uninstall the print application and then reinstall; or upgrade to the latest version.

If it’s a network printer, redirect or map the defective driver to a compatible driver or perform a driver reinstall.

Connectivity Issues. When the wireless network system is inoperative, the computer and printer linked via the home network will not be able to communicate at all for the turnout of prints. When faced with communication between printer and computer issues such as this; initially perform the following to troubleshoot the glitch.

Refresh the network system

Transfer to another network that can more than satisfy network needs and offer less downtime for the operating systems. Prior to jumping into another provider, check that it is a secure network, particularly one that could not be hacked in order to protect sensitive files.

Paper Jams. When a paper jam occurs, print operation is completely stalled and it would appear as if communication between printer and computer issues have set in. This happens to be a pre-programmed response from the machine that would protect printer components from further damage. Besides, the user will know if a paper jam occurs because a LED light on the printers console will continuously blink. Paper lodged between the rollers and other components needs to be carefully retrieved so that communication between the two devices can be restored.

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Remember that office efficiency also depends upon the availability and uninterrupted operation of key equipment such as the computer and printer. So select a foolproof printer driver and a reliable wireless network to keep communication between printer and computer issues at bay.

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    If you can scan , consult the firewall software support site to change settings such as security level, trusted zones, and open ports to allow communication with your printer. After changing the settings, re-enable the firewall in the Print and Scan Doctor.

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