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Color Laser Printer Cost Per Page : How To Control Your Costs

Color Laser Printer Cost Per Page How To Control Your Costs

When laser printer first came onto the market, they were designed for the small workplace, work from home business use and business use. The printer was costly, and the toner was pricey. The color laser printer cost per page was superb when they were first introduced. However as more and more consumers started to purchase a laser printer, and they required cheaper of toner the price of laser printer toner continuously came down to where today the color laser printer cost per page is around $0.04 or $0.05 per page.

The inkjet printer has followed the same price path. The early printer was costly; the great ink quality was not very good and the price to create was great. Regarding excellent quality, your web pages were saturated with ink – this meant that you would only see 100 or so web pages printed from a $50.00 ink cartridge putting the color laser printer cost per page at around $0.50.

How can we judge the color laser printer cost per page? Let me explain in the following details.

It all begins with the toner or ink cartridges’ page yield that is measured by the manufacturer using requirements installation by the ISO, which is the abbreviation of an international organization of standardization. A “page yield” of the cartridge is the variety of pages by the manufacturer statements for particular cartridge prints. The ISO, of course, posts standardization for many products, not just picture printers, but also the ISO’s recommendations figure out mainly that all significant printer manufacturers use to calculate color laser printer cost per page.

The value used in identifying page results in is the price of the toner cartridge itself. To come up with a shade printer’s CPP, for example, you split the price of the cartridge by the pages quantity or page results.

Assume, for instance, that the black ink cartridge for your inkjet all-in-one (AIO) printer expenses $20, and that cartridge’s page yield ranking is 500 pages. To get the black and white-colored, or black-and-white, CPP you just divide $20 by 500:

$20 / 500 = 0.04 cents per page


Black Cartridge Price / Page Yield =

Color pages, since they use the one cartridge, need the system that is a little more complex. These days, most color printers use the four-color standard composition of (CMYK) composed of cyan, magenta, and black) ink, but some lower-end designs use only two refills, one large black cartridge and one cartridge that contains three different containers, one for each of the other three ink.

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