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Color As Visual Tool: Its Effect In Organizing Data (Folder Structure)

Organizing Data Through Color Coding

The main reason why the application of color in organizing data is relied upon heavily is it attract attention. That is why it only becomes common sense to depend not just on any printer but on HP colour printer to get the perfect visual presentation.

The visual effect of color is undeniably absorbing if done to enhance the aesthetics of a presentation, as it conveys strong messages, appeal and emphasis.  Some of the ways color affects visual demonstration can be summed as follows:

  1. Color hierarchy – is an important element in the visual display using multi color combination as it drives the eye to appreciate the overall composition. When colors do not compliment each other, hierarchy is lost and the effect suffers.
  2. Color contrasts – draws attention to a certain element in a composition and it could be made possible by simply applying a small dose of color amidst a sea of background color.
  3. Color depth – is regularly applied when parts of a design need to convey more importance compared to the other elements. Warm color for instance appear to advance to the foreground, while cool colors tend to recede in the background. The use of warm and cool colors can be a big factor that may affect the foreground/background relationship of the various elements of the design.
  4. Color weight – proper understanding of color characteristics results in balance and dominant color weight is reduced to a minimum. This must be avoided because dark colors tend to be seen first and carry visual weight. In organizing data this effect should be contrasted with larger area in light colors to achieve balance.
  5. Pure color hues – are likely more dynamic in effect, since they are sure fire attention grabber. Extra caution must be observed when applying pure hues because too many of it creates competition and cause eye fatigue.
  6. Color schemes – is normally a personal preference, but in case of entities or organizations color can be dictated by the company color, the logo and some other considerations.

When using color to organize data (folder structure) try to limit the composition to a few number of colors. Just use enough to achieve contrast, five sets of colors will reasonable. And when trying to achieve a certain level of quality, always depend on the HP colour printer to deliver.

Remember, when trying on color combinations to organize data, always depend on the few insights detailed above get the best results.

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