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How To Recycle Toner Cartridges

How To Recycle Toner Cartridges

As usages of toner cartridges is increasing day by day with the modernization of the society. Every year an enormous amount of toner cartridges is consumed in offices and different workplaces. With the increase in usage of toner cartridges, empty toner cartridges are also increased. Due to which, a large number of empty cartridges are wasted every year which just spoils our atmosphere. This causes reason of a lot of pollution and wastage of resources. However, if we recycle these cartridges, then it will save a lot of resources and atmosphere. Moreover, reuse of these empty cartridges is very simple, moneymaking, and environmentally beneficial. Also, almost every cartridge can be recycled up to six times; they can quickly restore, refilled and then resold to a user at very reasonable price compared to the actual rate. Also, quality and usage amount is not affecting the recycling process Continue Reading

Toner Refill

Ricoh CL7000 Toner Refill Kit – Saves 83% On Every Refill

The RICOH Aficio CL7000 color laser printer was one the finest printer that came out in 2005 as it provides efficient teamwork among office personnel in sharing information as a key to a successful business environment. As an effective ‘team player’ offices cannot just replace the printer as yet. Even if production has been discontinued, printer consumables for the CL7000 continue to proliferate the market. The latest to flood the supply chain is the RICOH CL7000 Toner Refill Kit that promises to duplicate or even exceed the OEM toner in print quality and yield. The presence of the toner refill kits will guarantee years and years of continued use of the printer. Continue Reading

Toner Refill

Frequently Asked Questions about Toner Refills

Toner refill kits have made their way to consumers as trusted options to the pricey OEM. There is no such thing as a universal toner refill kit; each pack comes with a compatible toner for specific cartridges and printer models. Although frequent users can attest to the effectiveness and credibility of the refill kits, there are still few who are in doubt. The main reason is its cheapness.

Consumers cannot be utterly convinced unless they try the product. But in order to help them decide, put all hesitation aside and eventually change their view regarding the use of these compatible consumables, here are frequently asked questions about toner refills and the respective answers.

Get guaranteed savings of as much as 90% off your printer supplies budget from the high quality toner refill kits of Toner Refill Store.

Question #1: Will compatible toner deliver OEM quality prints?

Yes. Third party companies manufacture compatible toners that have passed the ISO-9001 tests before reaching the market. However, due to patent and copyright issues, there are slight differences (almost unnoticeable) in its makeup and perhaps quality depending on the third party manufacturer. Most compatible toner can par the print quality of OEMs. There are many brands like Laser Tek Services that value quality even at a lesser pricing.

Brother TN-360
Brother TN-360 TN-330 4 Pack Toner Refill

Question #2: Will it turn out OEM yield?

Yes. Compatible toner and toner refills are patterned from OEMs. This includes quality and page yield. In fact, there are some instances that aftermarket consumables produce more pages than the OEMs. At the price cheaper than the original, some compatible toner comes in high or extra high yield. Toner refills also come in higher volumes that can refill a cartridge twice its capacity.

Question#3: Can I use any toner on my cartridge?

No. As mentioned, compatible toner was patterned for the specific toner cartridge and printer only. In addition, each OEM has their own distinct property dependent on the brand and printer and cartridge need to produce impressive prints. Using any toner to your toner cartridge will produce poor quality and can damage the printer; not to mention, the printer can detect if the toner used is not the required replacement.

Question #4: Will the use of a toner refill kit damage my printer?

No. Toner refill kits will not cause damage to printer units. Lack of maintenance and repair is one of the common causes that lead to printer breakdown. Failure to replace worn parts can result to unsatisfactory print results. Also, continuous printing with a nearly empty toner level damages the blade and transfer belt which could cause interior and mechanical problems.

HP Laserjet 1600
HP Laserjet 1600 4 Pack Toner Refill With Chip

Question#5: Will the use of toner refill kits void printer warranty?

No. There are unfounded claims of void warranty because of the use of toner refill kits or third party consumables. There was an approved law in 1975 (Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act) about manufacturers not having a stranglehold over the needed supplies of machinery or any product. To avoid any issues, remove the compatible cartridge before bringing the printer to the service center for repair.

Compatible toners and toner refill kits follow the United States’ standard consumer policies and laws. Therefore, users and printer owner need not worry about using them. Toner refill kits are safe, effective and cost-efficient – a product which most people need especially during financial crisis.


Toner Refill

How To Properly Refill A Brother MFC-8950DW Cartridge?

The toner cartridge of a Brother MFC-8950DW can be very expensive. Throwing it away after depleting the toner load would be impractical. To be able to continue printing for less the cost, users can refill the super high yield toner cartridge with a toner refill kits.

Refilling a Brother MFC-8950DW toner cartridge is not that simple, it involves tweaking toner reset gears as well as other parts of the cartridge which can be confusing. But do not worry, the steps below will ensure a successful refill. Continue Reading

Toner Refill

Keep Printing Costs on Low Key for Samsung ML-2010 with Refill Kits

The Samsung ML-2010 is a monochrome laser printer that is designed for personal or small and home office use. This laser printer has a lot to offer given its affordable price. It prints quite fast for a budget model that has excellent text printout quality. Though it offers some of the best text print quality available at its price range, the Samsung ML-2010’s graphics quality is less impressive. While this laser printer may be affordable to buy upfront, its print consumables are a little too pricey for its print capacity. The Samsung ML-2010 toner cartridge can only last for up to 1,000 pages at 5% coverage. This hitch however, can be remedied by compatible refill kits.

Samsung ML-2010 ML-2510 Dell 1100 1110 Toner Refill

Samsung ML-2010 ML-2510 Dell 1100 1110 Toner Refill

**What is a Toner Refill Kit?**
A toner refill kit is a set of tools and a certain amount of toner that will be used for refilling a toner cartridge. Typically, a toner refill kit comes with a detailed refill instruction, screw-on funnel cap and a bottle or bottles of toner. The additional tools that come with the kit can vary depending on the manufacturer or on the type of cartridge. Some tools are necessary that it is commonly found in all kits. Other tools like glass fuses, reset chips, and reset flag gears are optional since not all cartridges need them for a successful refill.

**How do refill kits affect printing costs?**
Refill kits are the least expensive alternative for the Samsung ML- 2010 to continue printing. By refilling an emptied toner cartridge, consumers can reuse it through the process of refilling. Refill kits extend the printing capacity of the used toner cartridge instead of having to purchase a whole new one. This severely reduces the printing cost for this monochrome laser printer. Although the number of refills for a toner cartridge is limited, consumers can still save up to 80% every time they choose to refill empty cartridges.

LTS Toner Refill 4 Pack Toner Plugs for Samsung Dell Cartridges

LTS Toner Refill 4 Pack Toner Plugs for Samsung Dell Cartridges

Refill kits are the cheapest way to continue printing with the Samsung ML- 2010. However, users have to follow the detailed instructions included in the kit for the process to be successful. Users also have to be careful not to damage the cartridge parts like the Samsung ML-2010 toner plug in the process of refilling. A toner plug covers the fill hole, thus, it is important that utmost care is given when handling this tool. Do note also that the old toner should not mix with the new toner load for it may affect the quality of printouts.