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Printer Troubleshooting

Printer Troubleshooting

Mini Mobile Printers: How It Works?

How Mini Mobile Printer Works

A mobile office is never complete without a mini mobile printer. Mobile printing brought versatility to how office personnel conducts business.

What is mobile printing: This is the term given to products and services that allow personnel to print documents even when they are away from a traditional network or the office printer. It normally operates wireless relying on Bluetooth and radio waves to communicate. Previous older handheld portable devices use infrared signals, much like remote controls of electronic devices. Continue Reading

Printer Troubleshooting

4 Biggest Printer Problems and How to Solve Them

Maintenance and repair the printer screwdriver and hands

Just like most machines, printers require proper maintenance and care for them to function well. However, sometimes a tricky problem may come up. While some issues will be specific to laser or inkjet others might be common problems. Some of these problems may include refusing to print, running through toner fast or even printing at a snail’s pace. The good thing is that many of these problems can be solved. For instance, if you have a toner problem you simply might need to get a Lexmark toner replacement for your Lexmark printer. Here are the 4 major printer problems. Continue Reading

Printer Troubleshooting

How to resolve hp laserjet pro m1132 error e8


When the e8 error light of the hp laserjet pro m1132 printer starts flashing, it could only mean problem with the scanner carriage. Once carriage movement stalls, the printer automatically responds by sending an e8 error light.

The cause of the irregularity could be software based, or there is a break in the scanner motor connection, or the problem could be the motor itself and last the mechanism may have stalled. All problems had ready answers: reimage repair tools for the software and manual repairs or maintenance for failure attributed to mechanical parts of the printer. Continue Reading