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Category: Printer Troubleshooting

Wireless Printers – How to connect to a Mac?

When wireless printers came out it created a huge stir because it promises to free offices of connecting cables. True to its hype it did, bringing
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Printer Driver: How To Upgrade An Outdated Model?

We all know that printers need drivers to function and perform the different tasks assigned to it. From time  to time however, manufacturer’s
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Bluetooth Printer: How To Connect With Other Electronic Devices?

A bluetooth printer is one enabled to connect to other bluetooth enabled devices wirelessly, like the laptop or mobile phones.

My printer makes weird noises when receiving fax

Receiving Fax: Why Printers Make Weird Noises During Transmission? Printers emitting weird fax machine noise during transmission should be
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Wireless Printer Problems: What are Lexmark’s Share Of Identified Issues?

Lexmark wireless printer like any other printer in the market share common problems. These are not however, problems associated with the printer but
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Wireless Printer Connectivity: How to Reconfigure A Printer To Go Wireless?

There are special models of printers in the market that can be reconfigured to print using wireless printer connectivity technology. Why wireless
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Fax Machines: What To Do When It Refuses To Send Or Receive Fax Messages?

Fax machines are complicated office devices that rely on the telephone line to send and receive messages. Naturally, when fax sending connection
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