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Category: Laser Printers

Lexmark T520 Toner Compatible Cartridges – What Makes It the Trusted Alternative to the OEM?

Users of laser printers are aware that the only negative aspect of operating one is the cost of the replacement OEM printer cartridges. Certainly,
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Everything About Photocopier

What is a photocopier? The Photocopier, also known as the photocopying machine, is the equipment used to duplicate texts and graphic materials. It
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What is a Label Printer?

The label printer is a special purpose printer that has been formatted to print labels, tags and bar codes on self-adhesive labels, card stock,
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Evolution of Laser Printers

A laser printer is a type of digital printing machine that uses laser beams to produce printed output. The precise correlated interaction of the
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What is a Printer Fuser Unit?

In a matter of seconds, a paper passes through the printer and comes out with high quality texts and graphics imprinted on it. The printer is a
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What Is A Drum Unit?

Laser printers can dish out quality printouts at faster speeds than inkjets. This is the primary reason why these are widely used in demanding
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