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Category: Laser Printers

Brother DR-400: The Role of a Drum Unit on Laser Printer

What is a drum unit? Otherwise called the Photoconductive Unit (PCU) is a laser printer component containing the corona wire or separate charge
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Toshiba Erasable Toner – A Great Deal for Business Copy Centers

When you venture a photocopying business, it is expected to reserve paper supplies by the time it runs out due to technical problems of the machine.
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The Increasing Role of Multifunction Printers to Micro Offices and Home Offices

A decade ago, multifunction printers like the Samsung SCX-4100 are not as popular as they are today. Although printers back then are pretty decent
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What is a Compatible Toner Cartridge?

Centuries have passed and still we are deeply fascinated by the increase of human knowledge. More innovative ideas have been discovered and invented
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Why Get An HP CM2320FXI Multifunction Printer Even Though It Was Discontinued?

Most multifunction printers are designed to eliminate the need to use multiple single-function devices at a cost. The HP CM2320FXI multifunction
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Does The Photoconductor Kit For Lexmark E332 Replace the Toner Cartridge?

Photoconductor kits and toner cartridges are both important parts of a laser printer. These parts serve different purposes in laser printing. These
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Kyocera FS2000 Toner Cartridge And The Benefits of EcoSys Technology

Laser printer users who have long saddled with unmanageable printing expenses can take a rest with the entry of the Kyocera FS2000 toner into the
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