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Printer queue problem; How to resolve and continue printing?

The printer queue feature of a printer is one innovation that has entirely revolutionized printing. With this feature, users will only need to forward print jobs and no longer wait in line literally.

Print jobs are lined by the printer firmware automatically and print documents one after the other. However, print jobs vary in complexity, so that if the printer infrastructure cannot cope up the printer crashes and stops printing. All print jobs in the printer queue stuck and productivity suffers.

To resume printing, the user must clear the queue first, like giving the printer a fresh new start. But, how to clear printer queue is a simple process but follows certain protocols. This setup is applicable if the system is served by Windows which is not specific but practically all Windows OS;

  1. To clear the printer queue, proceed to Start, Control Panel and look for the Administrative Tools, then double click on the Services icon.
  2. While in it scroll down to the Print Spooler service, right click on it and tap Stop. You need to logged in as Administrator to avail of the Print Spooler service. Take note that during this process, no one will be able to print anything on any of the printers hosted by this particular server.
  3. The next step is to enter the following directory C:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\PRINTERS. Or type %windir%\System32\spool\PRINTERS into the address bar in Explorer that is if the C Drive is not the default Windows partition. And delete all the files in this folder.
  4. After all the files have been cleared, return to the Services Console, right click and choose Start for the Print Spooler Service.

After which, printing can now commence without any problem.

If you are doing printer queue stuck clearing process on a server, be certain that there are no other print jobs processed in line for any other printers on the server since doing so will also delete those print jobs.

That’s about it be ready when faced on how to clear printer queue, remember the process is simple and easy to execute.

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Pixma Printer App; Check, not all Canon’s are compatible?

Canon has developed the pixma printer app intended selectively for its line of printers, obviously to allow its countless users to avail of the benefits that pixma printers offer. 

This is a wireless printer app that enables users to print from the PC, from the tablet or any other mobile devices without the need to connect with cables. With wireless connectivity assured, users can directly access the printer and easily send documents and print from almost anywhere, distance is no longer a concern.

However, sad to say that not all Canon pixma printers are compatible with the printer app. Interested parties will have to check with the complete list of printers released by Canon that are designed compatible with the printer app. There is no way for a user to use the app if his/her printer is not included in the list.

For pixma printers compatible with the app, there are countless options available for the user detailed for your convenience. Each and every wireless option is paired with a brief explanation of the features that is available to be explored. It is just like opening a box full of features for each one to enjoy.

Some of the features that the app offers include photo printing with trimming even, you can print from PDF files and Microsoft office documents. It can easily print from web pages with share, scan and save documents or photos as PDF or JPEG. You can even adjust copy, settings from your mobile device.

Convenience is all for the taking, but like all printer app, users will have to go through a series of instructions to connect the Pixma printer to the local wireless network. Canon has crafted Pixma wireless connection setup guides, for each one to follow and avoid glitches.

Remember, the Canon Pixma Printer app is practically one of the best developed, but is intended only for some select models of printers. In particular, it is for wireless printers, being a wireless printer app.

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Canon Printer: what is WPS connect protocol?

Printers right out of the box are soulless devices, even if plugged directly to the wall socket. It must first be loaded with a compatible firmware, and must follow the guidelines in how to connect to WiFi, particularly WPS connect.

WiFi came into mainstream use because of the desire to rid the office environment of meter upon meters of connecting cables. Which many find to be entirely out of character in a well maintained and aesthetically developed office environment. Thus, together with the shift, printers have to abide with the WPS guidelines.

Everyone knows that at the heart of a wireless connection setup is the router, where radio signals emanate or the junction at which WiFi signals are sourced from. Routers are sometimes referred to as access points or hubs. And to make the connection setup easy it is built with an automatic feature known as the WPS (WiFi Protected Setup).

The WPS allows a Canon Printer for instance to connect to the office WiFi or local area network, without the need to use a password. With the button, the user becomes privy to the ‘WPS Connection Method’ and be able to methodically follow the instructions in the connection process. This method is the least cumbersome when connecting to WiFi.

The process to connect is really easy, but before turning on the printer, see to it that the router has a built-in physical WPS button. Most LAN are provided with a WPA (WiFi Protected Access) or the WPA2 security protected protocol. The rest of the process comes as follows:

  1. Turn the printer on, press and hold the WiFi button until the lamp flashes just once only.
  2. The lamp found next to the WPS button should start to flash blue, and while on it press the WPS button within two minutes after pushing the WPS button.
  3. The WiFi lamp (blue) on the printer will continue flashing, that is when searching together with the power and WiFi lamp when connection has been established.
  4. Once connection has been confirmed, flashing will stop and lamp continue to lit with a steady glow.

That’s about it, the WPS connect is now complete, do a test print if necessary.

Remember, how to connect canon printer to WiFi is simple and easy, anyone can do it without the need for professional help.

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Why Does My Printer Say Offline? Problem Solved!

When your printer showing ‘offline’ it only means that connectivity to the computer is non existent. You see, signals are never steady; some things can interrupt the flow and break the connection.

There is no clear pattern when a signal break can happen, so never consider why does my printer say ‘offline’ a big issue. The problem really is devices are not attuned to be sensible to signal breaks. It does not allow automatic reconnection once signal has returned, and needs reconfiguring to restore capability.

Connectivity issues can be resolved by troubleshooting, considering that the cause is not network oriented, but device terminal shorts. Of course part of the solution is to grope the printer and computer terminals to look for loose connections. Since when metals overheat, it contracts and loose connections follows.

That is why in some instances, shutting off the printer and computer and allowed to rest for a few seconds before powering on can most of the time restore connectivity. Just like humans devices also need to rest to allow overheated components to heal, sensitive contact points to reset and allow connectivity.

If physical troubleshooting could not resolve the issue, proceed to your computer and click on the ‘start’ button. ‘Devices and printers’ should now appear and click on it, and ‘see what’s printing’ and a display spooler window will appear. Then on it click ‘printers’ and select ‘use printer offline’ restoring the printer back to ‘online’.

By this basic configuration, the printer should be back ‘online’, if the issue still persist then the problem lies with the drivers. You will need to upgrade and download the right drivers to remove the ‘offline’ messages and continue printing. Always be aware that the choice of drivers is important, only compatibility can restore the printer’s capability.

Remember, why does my printer say ‘offline’, is a message that deals with your printer and computer connectivity issues. And when properly resolved it has addressed the printer showing ‘offline’ error messages.

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Brother Printer: How can we connect it to WiFi?

WiFi Printers right out of the box are not set by the factory to work immediately, it has to be reconfigured to awaken so they say its WiFi capabilities.

One example is how to connect Brother printer to WiFi is simple and easy to execute because a new Brother Wifi printer comes with instructions. It will not need professional help to setup the printer and connect to the local WiFi network. 

However, before starting with the process first find out the wireless network settings of the wireless router, since this is the access point. Better yet write out the network settings also known as SSID or ESID and the network key also referred to as ‘password’, ‘security key’, or ‘encryption key’. Regularly pick the first if it is a WEP encryption.

  1. Turn on the machine, plug the power cord, and as the screen lights up press the menu button on the machine’s control panel.
  2. Press the up/down arrow key and select Network, then press ‘OK’. Press the arrow key some more to reach WLAN, then press ‘OK’, after which press some more to select setup wizard, then press ‘OK’
  3. WLAN should now be enabled as it appears, select yes to allow network to setup of the wireless wizard. The machine will now search for the network and show a list of available Network Names (SSID). Press the up or down arrow keys to choose the right SSID written down earlier. Then press ‘OK’.
  4. Enter the Network Key if so required, the machine will now try to connect to the WiFi network just selected.
  5. If the Brother connection process is successful, the machine’s LCD will display Connected and if the connection failed the machine will print out a wireless connection report, so the user can check the error code and do remedial measures.

And finally that’s it, but before one can print, the Brother WiFi printer driver must first be installed.

How to connect Brother printer to WiFi as shown above is just a short and simple process, it takes common sense and determination to go through the entire WiFi printer process successfully

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Epson printer error code 0X97: How to resolve the issue?

Epson printers like any other electronic devices are prone to epson error code 0X97, that in some cases compromise the performance. But there are ways to go around the epson printer error code 0X97 to resolve the issue.

Error codes appear when the printer is used for long periods of time straight and no rest in between. The reason could only come as a direct response when electronic components heats up because of uninterrupted performance. Just like humans, devices need to rest, to avoid components overheating averting damage.

However, the nice thing about electronic components is each are built to operate only at certain limits, and when it is breached it shuts off automatically. This is different from humans that needs to see a doctor if the body overheats. When the printer shuts off, it only suggests that the user need to slow down allowing the components to heal automatically.

Allowing the printer to cool down, regularly resolves the issue about error code 0X97, because once components breaks it reconnects when sufficiently cooled. This method is regularly done by pulling out the printer from the power source, disconnecting other devices connected to the printer. Re energizing the printer only after several minutes does the trick.

Should it refuses to print after the shutting off and repowering the printer back, then damage could have already occured. If you are adventurous, open the printer and look for the fuse and replace it, because it is usually the culprit for every shutdown. But should it turns out negative, damage could only come from a burnt electronic motherboard.

When met with this predicament, users need to call the expert printer technician, and shoulder the exorbitant fees that these demand. Considering that inkjets are normally cheap, it is only common sense to dump the used and malfunctioning printer for a new one. But, this does not sit well with the preservation of the environment status quo.

Remember, when the epson error code 0X97 appears it is a sign to slow down and do maintenance check. Should the epson printer error code 0X97 persist, then damage could have happened in the sophisticated electronic circuitry.

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Chromebook Printer: How to set it up?

Although we are moving towards a paperless society, there are still human interventions that needs hard copies to be printed. How seldom it could be, the printer should be gouged and ready when necessity arise.

Most popular with users recently are chromebooks, but like any device this should be setup to add printer to chromebook. The process of a chromebook printer setup follows certain guidelines that must be accurately followed. Any lapse in the process, makes the entire course of action null and setup will not materialize and printing becomes nil.

First in the process is to ascertain that both the chromebook and printer are connected to the same WiFi network, this is important because setup will not be possible. Once certain about the integrity of the wireless connection proceed with the setup:

  1. At the bottom right  of your chromebook laptop or tablet, select the time, then settings and zero-in on the icon advanced.
  2. In the printing section, select the printer, and if the particular printer model does not appear on the list, add the printer manually.
  3. Once the printer is added, test print just to be certain that the setup has been successful.

That’s about it, the setup process is now complete and it is so simple and easy, you can never miss out in the process. If your printer is connected to chromebook through a USB cable, you can print right away after the chromebook printer setup has been completed. There is now no need for the printer to be connected to WiFi.

Chromebook has been the runaway choice among users, that is why add printer to chromebook is a necessity to be able to enjoy printing runs on documents or photos residing in the cloud. And because devices operates on WiFi connectivity, you can actually send documents or photos practically from anywhere or everywhere around the globe.

Upgrade to enjoy the benefits the new technology offers.