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Category: Features

The Increasing Role of Multifunction Printers to Micro Offices and Home Offices

A decade ago, multifunction printers like the Samsung SCX-4100 are not as popular as they are today. Although printers back then are pretty decent
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Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Right Printer For College Students?

College is a tough place to be when it comes to studies. Paperwork, research papers, and reports pile up needing to be submitted in a limited time. A
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Best Ways to Store Scanned Documents

Scanning documents is a modern way of storing and making copies of physical papers. It helps important documents persist. All businesses amass
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HP DLT IV TK88 Data Storage: Why Is It Beneficial To Companies?

HP DLT IV TK88 Data Cartridge A company acquires volumes of data over time. Whether in digital form or physical paper, it always comes down to
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How To Create Professional-looking Documents With LaserJet Pro 200 Color M251n?

The LaserJet Pro 200 Color M251n is a well-known printer for SOHO (small office, home office). It boasts a speed of 14 pages per minute in both color
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In-house printing or in-house agencies surges from 42% to 58%

Preference for in-house agencies has surged to 58%. So are we seeing the demise of external ad agencies?

What Is An HDCAM?

The HDCAM Tape is a digital videocassette designed to capture HDCAM format media which are shorter in wavelength than that of the Betacam. This
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