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InkJet Printer: Why Considered The Best In 11 x 17 Printing?

InkJet Printer

InkJet Printer: Why Considered The Best In 11 x 17 Printing?

We know for a fact that inkjet printers are better than laser printers when it comes to the printouts color quality. And this might have driven most users to believe as gospel truth that 11 x 17 printing is best delivered by an inkjet printer.

There has yet to be confirmation on this, however for the moment the battle between laser and inkjet rages as to the best technology for 11 x 17 format printing. The battle for the best is played on the arena surrounding fine art and photography, signs and banners, vehicle wraps, retail displays, textile printing, wall coverings including vinyl backed wallpapers. As can be deduced the application is varied.

CAD, Engineering and reprographics markets are the beneficiaries for the battle being fought, that is why manufacturers are up in arms to develop and satisfy the requirement of this segment.

On the issue of color quality, the inkjet is the hands down choice of most customers, but laser has developed models that are already comparable. Bringing the battle closer to the heart of inkjet enthusiasts.

On the issue of speed which used to be the domain of laser printers is no longer a benefit to fret about. That is because recent released inkjets are already at par with some of the fastest in the market.

On the issue of print durability, can no longer be attributable to laser printers, because inkjet manufacturers have developed ink types that give users options. First on the line is aqueous, intended for photo paper, poster and other indoor material. And for banners, decals and anything on vinyl, the solvent ink type comes as a stable partner. Fade resistant inks is also very much around with the entry of UV curable inks. Last on the list is latex ink, found friendly to most substrates.

On the issue of cost, this no longer is a resume for laser printers, because printer manufacturer Epson has released ink tanks. This revolutionary design is devised to bring down cost of inkjet printouts to as much as .15 per page. A cost elevation very much lower than laser that nominally comes at over a dollar per page.

It is clear from the comparison that inkjet 11 x 17 printing could best be handled by an inkjet printer. Though the edge of the inkjet over that of a laser printer is not considered a homerun, but just a slight advantage.

Remember, the final choice will depend on an 11 x 17 printing application.


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