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Does Use Of Compatible Printer Cartridges Damage My Printer?

Do using compatible printer cartridges damage my printer? The answer is NO. Use of compatible ink and toner cartridges will likely harm your printer
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Is The Cost The Same For Photos, Color, Black And White Pages?

The cost to print in color is essentially higher compared to black and white or monochromatic printing. The difference lies in the application of
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How To Return Defective/Damaged Item?

Laser Tek Services stands behind the quality of our products 100%, but just like any other Company, we not only sell but accept returns and exchanges
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Replacement Toner Cartridges-Types and Price

In an office, the most common work is printing various types of stuff for different works. So, you need to use a high-quality toner on your office
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How Many Times Can I Refill My Cartridge?

Cartridges have been manufactured to last considerably, a huge turnaround from what printer makers want the users to believe. Under normal printing
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How To Handle My Cartridge When Refilling?

All cartridges are refillable, only that some are blessed with refill holes for easy access. For cartridges like Brother, the refill hole is
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How To Tell If Ink Cartridge Is Empty

Knowing how much ink is left in your cartridge is important especially if you want continuous workflow.  There are ways to know whether you have an
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