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Canon Printer: what is WPS connect protocol?

Printers right out of the box are soulless devices, even if plugged directly to the wall socket. It must first be loaded with a compatible firmware, and must follow the guidelines in how to connect to WiFi, particularly WPS connect.

WiFi came into mainstream use because of the desire to rid the office environment of meter upon meters of connecting cables. Which many find to be entirely out of character in a well maintained and aesthetically developed office environment. Thus, together with the shift, printers have to abide with the WPS guidelines.

Everyone knows that at the heart of a wireless connection setup is the router, where radio signals emanate or the junction at which WiFi signals are sourced from. Routers are sometimes referred to as access points or hubs. And to make the connection setup easy it is built with an automatic feature known as the WPS (WiFi Protected Setup).

The WPS allows a Canon Printer for instance to connect to the office WiFi or local area network, without the need to use a password. With the button, the user becomes privy to the ‘WPS Connection Method’ and be able to methodically follow the instructions in the connection process. This method is the least cumbersome when connecting to WiFi.

The process to connect is really easy, but before turning on the printer, see to it that the router has a built-in physical WPS button. Most LAN are provided with a WPA (WiFi Protected Access) or the WPA2 security protected protocol. The rest of the process comes as follows:

  1. Turn the printer on, press and hold the WiFi button until the lamp flashes just once only.
  2. The lamp found next to the WPS button should start to flash blue, and while on it press the WPS button within two minutes after pushing the WPS button.
  3. The WiFi lamp (blue) on the printer will continue flashing, that is when searching together with the power and WiFi lamp when connection has been established.
  4. Once connection has been confirmed, flashing will stop and lamp continue to lit with a steady glow.

That’s about it, the WPS connect is now complete, do a test print if necessary.

Remember, how to connect canon printer to WiFi is simple and easy, anyone can do it without the need for professional help.

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    February 2, 2020 at 4:37 am

    Soulless devices are so, so right, man! They have to abide by all these weird, crazy requirements. It’s crazy and hard to understand everything when you get your first printer. I wonder if these companies are trying to make us go insane or what? I mean, couldn’t they make things a little bit easier, maybe have links to videos that explain everything in plain English? Is that too much to ask? Been trying to connect my printer but I’m not managing it at all. I think I’ll take a break for today, this thing is killing me. Hopefully tomorrow I can able to fix it, thank you so much for sharing.

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